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The release of ‘OYO’, a new song from Afrobeat sensation Bimbi Philips, has been applauded by her fans, who described the lyrics as apt and surprising, which is both refreshing and invigorating.

The new song, ‘OYO’, which was recently released across different music channels, is one that appeals to the conscience of its listeners, reminding them of the need to seek excellence for a good livelihood.

Bimbi Philips, popularly known as the ‘godfada’, speaking about the release of “OYO”, said that she was happy to receive the outpouring of praise that followed its release from her fans.

This, he said, is complementary to the previous projection of music managers when evaluating the song, as they stated that “OYO” would be a box office hit even before it hit the music scene.

The song, “OYO”, was released on music channels including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Audiomack, TikTok, Boomplay, and YouTube, where it garnered over 380k views in six days. It was also released on a number of other channels.

Some of the fans, who enjoyed the delight of the song and the sonorous voice of the trendy singer, Bimbi Philips, generally calling her a “banger”, left their comments on the YouTube channels, one saying, “ This is a great video and the message is of course positive vibes! Well done Bimbi Philips.

Another praising Godfada’s latest release called it, “My new favorite song for the rest of the year and beyond. Absolutely, a beautiful song”, followed by comments such as: “Good rhythm, good lyrics, in general it’s a good song; “This song is just fire. I can see that it has at least half a million views. I just shared it with friends and family. Let’s go!”

One turned spiritual, he prayed for Bimbi Philips for her creativity and talent, saying, “Honestly, I love this song. Everything went well, even a fool will understand what the song says. More grace in Jesus name. More good songs from you.”

Bimbi Philips, who could not contain her feeling, reeling with joy at the successful release of her new song, reacting to the comments from fans said, “I feel blessed with all the kind messages and calls I have received. If you liked the video, please stream, save and share the music.”

Bimbi Philips, before launching OYO, had projected it as what would be a hit song due to its features and lyrics, and would also be a provision for women seeking the ultimate in safety and experience.

He said the song would be a voice for women, many of whom described it as “a living example of what it means to strive for success and have the means to respect and adore your wife like the queen that she is.”

Enlightening her audience with the power of money in her song, Bimbi Philips said, “A man needs to earn money so he can treat his wife as someone who deserves emotional support, devotion, good times and lots of pampering,” all of which she said . she had communicated with the newly released OYO song.

“OYO has finally allowed me to express what I have been deeply passionate about, especially being a message to men that affects men more.”

He also advised his fans to pursue their passion and have unlimited thoughts, especially about how far they can go in life to be successful, saying that “money is just a tool to satisfy human needs, and the extent to which one makes money depends on how creative you are to turn a legitimate venture into a money-making machine.”


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