Deceptive emails sent to Asian Americans


RALEIGH, NC — Some Asian Americans in North Carolina are upset about misleading emails they received from a conservative group.

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Some Asian Americans in North Carolina are upset after receiving emails from a conservative group

Emails from America First Legal claim that the president’s policies discriminate against white and Asian Americans.

According to a nonprofit group, a recent survey shows that political parties in the state have only reached 39% of Asian Americans.

The advertisements claim that President Joe Biden’s policies are aimed at discriminating against whites and Asian Americans.

The postage says it was paid for by the conservative group America First Legal, led by former senior adviser to President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller.

One of the quotes from the emails reads: “Joe Biden and leftist officials are engaged in pervasive racial profiling against white and Asian Americans even though it is illegal.”

The advertisements carry article headlines in Newsweek, Fox Business, the Daily Wire, The Washington Free Beacon, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Examiner intended to prove their point of view.

Su Cho, a North Carolina native of Korean descent, received an email earlier this week.

“This is disinformation and harmful information,” Cho said. “It is designed to pit Asian Americans against other communities of color. And as an Asian-American, I just don’t support that at all, and I don’t accept those kinds of messages.”

She is the data coordinator for a nonprofit, nonpartisan group called North Carolina Asian Americans Together, whose goal is to increase Asian American voter turnout. The Raleigh-based organization aims to provide voter education and information in English and five Asian languages.

(Courtesy of Vincent Vu)

Cho said the mail from America First Legal is one of the few he has received.

“We’re a fast-growing community in North Carolina, and we have a lot of political power, and maybe I think they’re starting to realize that and they’re also trying to influence our vote in ways that are not truthful and, to be blunt, pretty. racist,” Cho said.

The father of NCAAT executive director Chavi Khanna Koneru received mail from the conservative group, which she says shows Asian-Americans of different generations, affiliations and ethnic groups are receiving them.

She said she feels the emails are an effort to suppress the vote and voice of Asian Americans.

“The reason this is concerning is that Asian Americans don’t get a lot of political mail. We don’t get text messages or information about the elections, so when we get mail addressed to us, we don’t want people to believe it,” said Khanna Koneru.

According to the 2020 US Census, 3% of North Carolinians identified only as Asian, which is a 64% growth since the 2010 Census.

However, a recent survey by the NCAAT and the Center for US Immigration Policy at UC San Diego found that only 39% of Asian American and Pacific Islander voters had been contacted by either political party. .

Vincent Vu, who is a veteran of the US Army, said his family received generic emails and text messages from Democratic candidates. However, he wished he had received information that addressed issues important to the Asian American community, including preventing violence against Asian Americans and increasing access to health care.

“I think it would make the voter feel seen. I think it would make the voter feel that his opinions are heard. I think it would definitely tip voters’ minds towards whatever candidate is addressing their needs, which is democracy,” Vu said.

As of Friday, Spectrum News 1 had not received a response from North Carolina’s Democratic and Republican parties about outreach to Asian Americans.

Vu’s parents, who are Vietnamese, also received an email from America First Legal, which he does not believe was positively intended.

Vu, Cho and Khanna Koneru said their best advice is for people to go to the polls.

“Voting is the only way that you, as an individual citizen, can directly influence leaders and your government,” Vu said.

Spectrum News 1 has contacted American First Legal to send the ads, but has not received a response as of Friday.


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