Funke Akindele recounts his first meeting with Sola Sobowale and their conversation


In a post to celebrate Sobowale’s 59th birthday, Akindele shared her first meeting with the veteran actress.

She recounted how she met Sobowale on a film set and approached her to reveal her desire to work with her on a project as a producer or director, and the veteran prayed for her dream to come true.

She wrote, “I have known my dear aunt Sola Sobowale for years. Quick story, when I was still trying to find my place in the movie industry. I met Aunt Sola on a film set. I approached her and told her that one day I pray and wish to work with her on a project as a producer or director. She wished me the best and prayed for me.”

He shared that his dream is now a reality as the King of Children played the role of his mother in his newly released movie, “Battle in the streets of Buka”.

In his words: “She told me that day would come and it surely did. Just like you said aunty, you worked with me on Battle on Buka Street and it’s a success! Thank you so much aunty Sola for your hard work and patience, for being an amazing woman and for your prayers, may God continue to bless you and be with you.

“Thank you so much, Mom. Happy Birthday, Mom. May you live long in good health and wealth. Amen.” he wrote, thanking Sobowale and wishing him a happy birthday, as he completed his post.

Funke Akindele’s ‘Battle on Buka Street’ is currently leading the Nigerian box office.


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