Is it too late to buy Shiba Inu? Cryptocurrency Experts Give Their SHIB Price Predictions for 2023


In recent years, the cryptocurrency space has seen an increase in the development and distribution of so-called “meme coins”, which have often been met with skepticism and accusations of being crypto scams. Despite the criticism, these coins have managed to defy expectations by outperforming many large-cap coins and creating obscene wealth for some of their holders (while others lose just as much money). The success of meme coins has been highlighted by the astronomical rise of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

While it was a challenging year for the cryptocurrency market, Shiba Inu held strong and secured its place among the top digital currencies in 2022. Shiba Inu ranks 15th by market capitalization, with an impressive $4,390. millions.

Shiba Inu Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

Shiba Inu price sits at $0.00000798 at time of writing, testing the levels it began its run of 108% in Q3 on June 21, which peaked on August 14. to recover in 2023.

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA)

The daily exponential moving averages (EMAs) remain bearish as prices are trading below the 20 EMA, 50 EMA and 100 EMA. A sign of a trend change would be for price to break these key resistance levels on the EMA frame. daily time and for the EMA to rearrange into a bullish alignment.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for SHIB is currently at a low of RSI 38.67, below the key RSI 40 level. To suggest an exit from this bearish period, the price must break above the RSI 40 and 50 resistance levels. to point to a possible change in trend.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

The SHIB Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD) has attempted several unsuccessful bullish crosses in recent days. As seen in the histogram, both the MACD and the signal lines are so close to each other that it could suggest a move in the near future.

Price action, support and resistance

After going on a massive 108% streak in the third quarter of this year, SHIB is back to the levels where the streak started: down 50%. The price is trading in a key support range between $0.00000799 and $0.00000816 as SHIB price continues to search for a potential bottom. If this area does not hold, the price could fall to the next potential support area of ​​$0.00000610 to $0.00000630.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Fundamental analysis

The Shibarium Protocol

Shytoshi Kusama, lead developer of Shiba Inu, has confirmed that the release of the Shibarium protocol, a blockchain scaling solution that could dramatically change SHIB’s position in the cryptocurrency industry, is “very soon.”

The news comes after a successful meeting between Kusama and UnificationUND, key builders of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Investors are optimistic ahead of this big launch, and there is hope that it could significantly increase the price of SHIB in early 2023. With a long-awaited move on the horizon, investors should keep an eye on developments in the coming days and weeks. .

As we have seen with the potential impact of the Shibarium protocol on the Shiba Inu price, it is important to consider the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency project when making investment decisions. With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to other altcoins that have good foundations and promise future returns.

Other top altcoins to invest in

After conducting extensive research, we have identified three other promising cryptocurrency projects with strong development teams, strong investor interest, and return potential to diversify your investments.

Fight (FGHT)

The FightOut project, which is expected to be a highly sought after crypto project in 2023, is currently offering its FGHT token for sale during its pre-sale. What sets FightOut apart from other projects is its focus on overall fitness rather than one or two aspects of fitness, like the number of steps you take in a day. The project is based on a “move-to-earn” (M2E) model, in which users can earn both physical and virtual rewards for increasing their fitness levels through a network of physical gyms. The app will also provide access to personalized workouts with videos from fitness trainers.

With these workouts, users will not only seek to work on their physique, the app will also help build strength, cardiovascular and technical endurance through fitness programs and a supportive online community. It will also offer support in preventing injuries related to boxing and MMA sports. Users will be able to monitor their progress with avatars that represent how far they have come in real life.

FightOut’s rewards system will keep users coming back as they earn REPS tokens for completing training and winning competitions. These rewards allow users to purchase training equipment, training sessions, FightOut merchandise, and other in-app items. In addition to this feature, the avatar, an immutable NFT known as a “soul-bound” token, will shape up alongside users as they progress through their fitness journey. Users can then compete with their avatars in the FightOut metaverse with others through league tournaments.

FightOut’s FGHT cryptocurrency will be used to purchase subscriptions, participate in tournaments and acquire REPS points. As an athlete accumulates more REPS points, their earning potential in future tournaments will increase.

FightOut is offering its token pre-sale after raising $1 million in its private sale within a week and has surpassed $2.5 million in pre-sale so far. 60% of the 10 billion FGHT tokens will be available for purchase during the ongoing event, with an expected return of up to $100 million for FightOut. Early investors can get bonuses of up to 50%, so if you’re looking to take a position, do so before the end of Round 1, which is fast approaching.

Visit FightOut now

Dash Trading 2 (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade will be released in early 2023 and is considered by many to be the future of cryptocurrency trading. Dash 2 Trade stands out from other platforms with its comprehensive set of features and community, giving traders unprecedented insight and a high level of control over their investments. With the rise of scams like FTX, Dash 2 Trade provides tools to help investors thoroughly vet projects, setting them up for successful positions and secure profits.

While the platform will help novice traders make smart decisions, it will also give more experienced traders the ability to refine their strategies and benefit from automated trading via APIs. Dash 2 Trade’s pre-sale token scoring system also provides an extra layer of confidence for all investors to get early entry into the most promising token pre-sales.

In short, Dash 2 Trade could revolutionize cryptocurrency trading with its advanced analytics, real-time sentiment monitoring capabilities, and automated trading features. Another promising aspect of the platform is that the company has already built a strong community around its platform, as they are the same people behind the Learn 2 Trade community of over 70,000 traders around the world. The company is always looking for feedback from users, so the interface is expected to be world-class when it launches.

The Dash 2 Trade pre-sale is coming to an end, there are only a little over 6 days left and 13% of the tokens are still up for grabs. The team has passed its development milestones ahead of schedule and will launch the Dashboard public soon, with an expected launch of the platform in early 2023. So far, the presale has raised more than $11.6 million in funding, setting you up for a comfortable track, especially considering how far the project has come.

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C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is an innovative blockchain-based rewards app and peer-to-peer payment system for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. C+Charge’s goal is to make EV charging more accessible, while allowing users to earn carbon credits for their contribution to the environment and providing a single payment track that eliminates fees and time waiting times associated with traditional payment systems.

Additionally, its platform will allow users to see exactly how much their charging session will cost, helping to reduce the cost of charging and making it more transparent for EV owners.

C+Charge is also a tool that can be used by property owners and businesses looking to install charging stations on their properties. The platform makes it easy to track the energy consumption of each electric vehicle, allowing drivers to properly pay for their own electricity consumption, which incentivizes owners and businesses to provide more charging solutions.

Overall, C+Charge offers a powerful use case for blockchain technology that shows just how valuable cryptocurrencies can be in the real world. By providing EV owners with an easy way to earn rewards, save money, and learn about their EVs on the road, C+Charge is making a positive impact on both people and the planet. With its innovative platform and commitment to making EV charging easier, faster and cheaper, C+Charge is well positioned to become a major player in the EV charging industry.

At the moment, you can buy CCHG tokens during their pre-sale for an introductory fee of $0.013 USDT each. The pre-sale will occur in a four-stage price progression, culminating in its final price of $0.02350 per token.

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