Jodie Sweetin Teases Lifetime’s ‘Merry Swissmas’ Getting ‘A Little Messy’ | show news


Full house student Jodie Sweetin has another situation too close for comfort at Lifetime’s Merry Christmasa charming original that kicks off the cable network’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” holiday movie season.

She plays a Chicago-based architect named Alex who heads to snowy Switzerland, where her mother plans to open an inn for the New Year. And while there is the expected romance, Alex falls in love with the manager of the inn’s widowed father (Wynonna Earp‘s Tim Rozon), there’s also a surprisingly emotional arc involving Alex’s former best friend, Beth (Mikaela Lily Davies), who is now dating her ex, Jesse (David Pinard).

“[One of the things] What I really appreciated about the story was that it wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t easy…it was a little messy,” says Sweetin. “It was about redeeming that friendship.”

Alex has wonderful Christmas memories with her best friend Beth, until Beth started dating Jesse. Because she has missed the last Christmas with her family due to her demanding job, Alex is excited to spend the holidays with her mother Caroline (Jane Wheeler) when she opens her inn. To her dismay, Alex learns that Jesse and Beth are also visiting for the inn opening. When Alex meets Liam (Rozon), he tries to show her all the Christmas traditions and culture of Switzerland and helps Alex open up to her love and forgiveness.

Equally unexpected aspects of Merry Christmas are authentic nods to Swiss traditions (even though the film was shot in Montreal), including wintry Christmas markets, the arrival of Samichlaus and his evil assistant Schmutzli, and the nightly unveiling of handmade Advent window decorations. Adds Sweetin: “I hope people take some of those and run with them.”

Merry Christmas, TV Premiere of the film, Saturday, November 5, 8/7c, for life

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