Klopp regrets referee’s decision despite Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Man City


Jurgen Klopp finds reason to complain again despite Liverpool beating Manchester City against all odds

The spirited encounter at Anfield saw Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp sent off after an angry reaction to a decision made by the referee.

The German coach spoke about his conduct in the aftermath of the match but also offered a justification for his actions by complaining about the referee’s decision.

“Yes, it’s about emotion, of course. So of course red card, my fault,” Klopp said as he gracefully admitted that he deserved the red card.

“I overdid it at the time, I don’t think I disrespected anyone, but when you look back at the photos, I myself have known for 55 years that the way I look right now is worth a red card. ”, continued Klopp.

“I know, who cares what I say? I lost it at that time and that’s not good, but I think as an excuse I would like to mention, how are you not going to call that foul? How the hell is it possible? And I wish I could get an explanation,” the German said in typical fashion.

Klopp continued his tirade: “Why would you do that? Both teams, it wasn’t one, but now I heard people said that it was Anfield that made the VAR decision. [to disallow Foden’s goal]. With a foul on Mo, Anfield had no chance to make an impact.”


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