Legend Thrills Johnny Drille’s ‘Based On Believe’ Concert-goers!


Located in the center of the concert, the premium brand of extra strong drinks raised the voice of Afrobeats by enhancing the ‘Based on Believe’ experience for attendees through a delicate combination of cocktails, music and good vibes, adding an extra touch of sophistication to the occasion.

Johnny Drille, true to the expectations of the attendees, took the stage with his famous Afrofusion flow, captivating the audience with his moving musical interpretation. Everyone in attendance couldn’t help but sway happily to the sweet tunes, a can of Legend in hand.

Adding to the excitement were oíza and meji, a rising Nigerian musical duo known all over social media for their harmonious renditions. More stellar performances from up-and-coming artists like angeloh, Zadok, Jake Doeand Dotti the deityleft the audience even more excited due to the high level of creativity on display.

Ultimately, the event concluded on a high note, leaving attendees brimming with excitement as the concert wrapped up. The whole experience was truly legendary, as Legend showed his continued support for the Afrobeats industry.


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