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After two quiet years, due to the Covid pandemic, Mollywood found its groove in 2022. However, the industry, which saw some great content produced this year, was sadly not without controversy. We take a look at the issues that rocked the entertainment industry this year.

Protagonist breaks his silence on sexual assault case

Actress Bhavana has definitely owned the beginning of 2022. On January 10, the actress, who until then was only mentioned as a survivor in the sexual assault case, decided to end her silence and recount the mental trauma and her battle to ‘see that justice prevail’. . The sharp but strong public post found a large following, with many praising her decision and courage to come forward. Even those in the industry, including Mammootty and Prithviraj, who remained silent for so long, came out openly in support of the actress. On March 6, the actress nonchalantly faced cameras for the first time in five years and she recounted her ordeal in detail in an interview with award-winning journalist Barkha Dutt. The interview was viewed by millions on social media.

Accusations against film producer Vijay Babu

Another sexual assault controversy rocked Mollywood after a young actress filed a police complaint against actor-producer Vijay Babu, alleging that he had assaulted her on multiple occasions. The actress also filed a complaint against Vijay Babu with the Malayalam Film Artists Association (AMMA). However, the agency refused to take action. The internal complaints committee (ICC) within AMMA, headed by a group of women artists, also demanded a fair investigation into the issue. When AMMA members, led by Mohanlal, failed to take action, some of the ICC members, including Maala Parvathi, Kuku Parameshwaram and Shwetha Menon, resigned their positions in protest.

Meanwhile, Vijay Babu came under fire after he revealed the survivor’s name on social media with the intention of shaming her. The actor then fled to Dubai to evade arrest. When he returned later, the Kerala High Court granted him a conditional pre-arrest bail.

They criticize a jury for snubbing Indrans for his performance in ‘Home’

‘Home’, directed by Rojin Thomas, certainly took the cake in 2021, so no one was in any doubt that the film would receive praise for both content and performances when the Kerala State Film Awards were announced this year. However, the film received a major snub as the jury did not get any recognition from the jury. Although there was speculation that the film did not receive the award because its producer, Vijay Babu, was facing assault charges, the foreman of the jury, Saeed Akthar Mirza, clarified that they were unaware of the charges and that the decision was made independently.

Controversy Erupts After Playback Singer Nanjiyamma Wins National Award

The southern industry, including Mollywood, won big in ’68the National Award in 2022. It was definitely a great moment for Kerala, when the jury named Nanjiyamma as the best female playback singer for the song Kalakatha Sandhana from the movie ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’. Although most people were happy for the folk singer, some criticized the jury for overlooking years of hard work by trained professionals who were more deserving of the award. Many musicians in the entertainment industry also supported Nanjiyamma. The singer also won the hearts of the audience when she performed the song at the Vigyan Bhawan after receiving the award.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan accused of defaming and harassing Manju Warrier, detained

Award-winning film director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, known for works like S Durga (formerly known as Sexy Durga) and ‘Ozhuvudivasathe Kali’, was arrested after Mollywood lead actress Manju Warrier filed a complaint against him for defaming her in social networks. The director went on to claim that Manju’s life was in danger as she had testified in the case of conspiracy to harm the officers investigating the assault case on the actress, which involved Dileep. He also claimed that Manju Warrier was not responding to her posts as her manager was holding her hostage.

Manju had also complained that Sanal Kumar had been harassing her since 2019, after which Sanal Kumar was booked under section 354D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code. However, he was granted bail one day after the police arrested him by the Aluva Judicial Court of First Instance.

Filmmaker raises protest against Chalachithra Academy at festival venue

‘Asangadithar’ director Kunjila Mascilamani stirred up a hornet’s nest after breaking into the Kairali Theater in Kozhikode during the opening of the 3rd International Women’s Film Festival. The filmmaker was reportedly upset that the Kerala State Chalachithra Academy, who were the organizers of the festival, did not include her film in the festival. Kunjila reportedly made a scene after she directly asked Renjith, who is the president of the academy, why her film was not included in the festival. As she was removed from the stage, Kunjila also launched slogans against the CPM and Chilean minister Pinarayi Vijayan, while she shouted her solidarity with Vadakara MLA and RMP leader KK Rema. Ranjith dismissed the filmmaker’s protest as “mischief.”

Journalist Files Verbal Abuse Complaint Against Sreenath Bhasi

Actor Sreenath Bhasi, who had grabbed the spotlight earlier this year for singing ‘Parudeesa’ in Bheeshma Parvam, found himself in trouble in September after a reporter filed a complaint against him at the Maradu police station in Kochi. . The journalist of an important YouTube channel would have been verbally assaulted by the actor during the round of questions and answers for the promotion of ‘Chattambi’. Some of the foul language he used also went viral on social media. The actor was arrested and was also forced to submit to a drug test. He also denied the charges against him.

Following the complaint, the Kerala producers association also placed a temporary ban on the actor from acting in films. The complainant later withdrew the complaint, citing that the actor apologized for his behavior. The ban against the actor was also recently lifted.

Two young actresses attacked in Kozhikode shopping center

A furor erupted after two prominent young Mollywood actresses reported that they were sexually assaulted at a shopping mall in Kozhikode while promoting their film ‘Saturday Night’. Both actresses Grace Antony and Saniya Iyappan later took to social media to reveal their experience at the mall. A video of one of the actresses slapping the perpetrators in the mall also went viral. Several actors and actresses condemned the incident.

Thykkoodam Bridge alleges plagiarism from ‘Kantara’ filmmakers

Rishab Shetty’s film ‘Kantara’ came into controversy after Thaikkudam Bridge, a popular Kerala music band, accused the filmmakers of plagiarizing their song ‘Navarasam’ for ‘Varaha Roopam’ composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath. According to the Thaikkudam bridge, similar ragas used in ‘Navarasam’ were used in ‘Varaha Roopam’. The band took the creators to court for copyright infringement. Following this, the Kozhikode Sessions Court ordered the creators not to play the song in theaters. Other streaming platforms were also not allowed to play the song.


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