Marina: Who is Jordan Bardella? Young French politician who replaces Marine Le Pen as leader of the National Rally


27-year-old French leader Jordan Bardella has reportedly replaced Marine Le Pen as leader of the Rally National (RN) party. And so France has a new leader for the Rally National (RN).

Marine is reported to be shifting her focus to leading the group in the French Parliament. Earlier this year, Marine’s party won 89 seats in the National Assembly. And this is history now. In France’s 50-year legacy, it is the first time the Navy has not directly led the party. But this is a minor change in the leadership of the Agrupación Nacional (RN) party.

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The source of power remains in the hands of Pen, and his candidacy will be for the next French presidential election in 2027 of the National Grouping (RN) party. Likewise, Pen said that he would not disappear from French politics this Saturday at the party’s convention. He added that Marine does not go on vacation but that she will be available when the country or the party needs her.

Jordan Bardella, the new president of the RN, is of Italian origin. He grew up in a low-income family in the suburbs of Paris. He was part of the extreme right since his teens and is now one of the main members of the RN party. His assertive debate talks in the 2019 European election campaign have impressed his fans and enemies.

The RN party has shown confidence in its candidate and wants him to leave a legacy like Marine Pen. Mr. Bardella’s elevation is to attract young voters. However, critics say sentiments continue within the RN political party.

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What is RN?
French Political Party.

Who is a marine?
A primary RN.

Who will replace Marina?

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