Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker Elvis Chucks Wins Third AMVCA With ‘Jewel’


Chucks’ remarkable achievement at the AMVCA not only solidifies his position as one of Africa’s most talented and successful filmmakers, but also highlights his profound impact on the continent’s film landscape. Facing stiff competition from such nominees as Emmanuel Mwape for “Silver Lining” and Leburugraphy for “Ke Bona Spoko,” Chucks’ “Jewel” stood out for its exceptional storytelling, compelling performances, and an impactful cinematic experience.

“Jewel” captivated audiences and critics alike with its gripping narrative traversing the rich cultural tapestry of southern Africa. Chucks’ masterful direction and visionary storytelling transported viewers to a world filled with beauty, emotion and depth. The film’s attractive script, combined with brilliant performances by its cast, captivated audiences and left a lasting impression.

Elvis Chucks’ remarkable track record with the AMVCA is a testament to his unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication to his craft. His first win in AMVCA with his movie titled ‘A Wish’ which won the ‘Best Comedy Picture’ category in 2013 while his second win was with ‘All about Love’ as

Best South African Film 2017. With this latest accolade, Chucks has firmly established himself as a leading force in the African film industry. His unique ability to create cinematic masterpieces that resonate with audiences across borders has earned him a well-deserved place among Africa’s most celebrated filmmakers.

The AMVCA is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in African cinema, celebrating excellence and creativity in the industry.

Speaking about his victory, Elvis Chucks expressed his gratitude to the AMVCA organizers, the “Jewel” cast and crew, and his fans who have supported him throughout his career. He dedicated the award to the African film community and vowed to continue creating innovative and thought-provoking films that reflect the diversity and beauty of the continent.

As Elvis Chucks basks in the glory of his third AMVCA victory, the world is excitedly anticipating his future projects and the cinematic wonders he will undoubtedly bring to life. His passion, talent and dedication continue to inspire aspiring filmmakers in Africa and beyond.

Other awards to his credit include; Los Angeles Film Awards, New York International Film Festival, American Black Film Festival 2020, United Nations Human Development Award, Donated by UNMC -2013, Nigerian Film Integrity Award (HOMEVIDA 2012), Awards TAVA 2011, Best Director of the Year (5th City People Entertainment Awards-2014).

About Elvis Chucks: Elvis Chucks is a renowned filmmaker whose exceptional work has garnered widespread praise and accolades within the African film industry. With an eye for storytelling and a unique ability to connect with audiences, Chucks has established himself as one of Africa’s most celebrated filmmakers.

His films have consistently pushed the envelope, delivering compelling storytelling and memorable cinematic experiences. With his third AMVCA win with “Jewel,” Elvis Chucks further cements his place among the continent’s cinematic luminaries.

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