atlantic-pacific paris
atlantic-pacific paris
Paris packing list
edie blair
Paris packing list
edie blair

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue and Collective Voice for sponsoring this publication.

Dress: Bernadette // Shoes: Gucci

Hello from Paris! Packing for Paris was a mix of minimalist and neutral styles, as well as bright colors and bold prints. While I packed some head-to-toe black outfits, you know I can’t go without color, even on a European vacation, so this dress and these platforms had to make the trip. Originally, I bought these shoes thinking that they might not wear me out much, but they would be a very special piece in my wardrobe. I’m happy to report that I couldn’t have been more wrong! These shoes somehow mix and match with many of the current items in my closet and have been my most worn shoes of late.

Do you want to explore other fun and colorful holiday items that I love? Keep scrolling to see some of my other favorites from Saks Fifth Avenue right now!

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