Police spokesman claims Iyanya may be arrested after shoving a fan in Awka


What Iyanya said: According to Iyanya, the money-spraying fan was using the minted bills to slap him. He revealed that his attempts to restrain the fan from what he described as a disrespectful act failed, thus his decision to push the fan off the stage.

“The guy kept slapping me with the money and I tried to hold his hand and he continued. First, no matter how much you’re spraying, don’t slap someone, that’s disrespectful.”

Police spokesman reacts: According to DSP Bright Edafe, who is the spokesperson for the Delta State Police Command, the fan who was pushed off the stage can get Iyanya arrested if he chooses to file an official report.

“Normally, if that guy makes an official report, @Iyanya can get arrested for this. I come in peace.”

Since then, Iyanya’s action has divided opinions on Twitter, with some fans siding with him while others disagreed.

It remains to be seen if the money-spraying fanatic will come up with an official report that will get the ‘Kukere’ arrested singer.


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