Pulse Review ‘1da Shall Never End’ by Nigerian Musician 1da Banton


Many people might have expected 1da Banton to attempt an artistic tweak with sonic tweaks that appeal to the European ears that make up the majority of their broadcast base. However, Ida Banton has rightly chosen to keep her style that brought her international fame, and hers new ‘EP’ ‘1da will never end’ it is his attempt to show that there is more to where ‘Without Wahala’ He came from.

The 6-track EP carries a mix of Highlife and Afrobeats while combining his Port Harcourt influences with the mainstream elements that drive the commerciality of an EP on which he offers easy listening.

While his melodies, flow pattern, and technique draw heavily on Highlife music from southern Nigeria, he combines this with street-related themes and slang to appeal to the mainstream.

‘1da will never end’ explores the trials of love, the dog-eat-dog world of the city, success and the pressure that comes with it. It conveys the thoughts of him from the perception of an artist who finds success but still retains the cadence of the street.

When he sings about the trials of love in ‘omotola’ and ‘Loveless in Lagos’ It is about the lived experiences of life on the streets. Employs relatable street jokes that capture the appointments and assignments of the average man and woman in ‘Nibolawa’. Her writing, very close to the street, evokes images that are complemented by the feeling that her melodies convey.

Even when she sings about love and commitment in ‘Family’ and offers to consent to his wife in ‘Ego’is quick to remind listeners in ‘Call on Jehovah’ that love that comes with a good time is reserved for worthy women.

‘Family’ it ranks high on the project for its luscious delivery and flow that delivers a smooth Afropop cadence. The minimalist production and trumpet infusion elevate the project and the addition of French vocals is a nod to its success in France.

Throughout the EP, 1da Banton offers street gospel about the challenges of finding love on the streets, sweet-talking a woman, good liaisons for sex games, and ways to avoid billing.

In general, ‘1da will never end’ forms an impressive identity for 1da Banton after its international success. The EP contains a familiar feeling and emotion that comes with catchy writing, an infectious melody and good productions.

Composition, themes and delivery: 1.6/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.6/2


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