Singer Portable calls out for death threats and fires studio staff


This revelation was made by the singer in an Instagram post on Thursday. In the post, Portable accused her staff of wasting her money. She portable also claimed that she can earn up to N15 million in five days, as opposed to the meager sum she earned in less than two months.

Code-switching between Yoruba and English, he said: “They say that they want to kill me, that they want to poison me. So I sent them all and renamed my studio. I build a studio, they don’t make money. Dem dey cut all my money, na why am I chasing them,”

“You want to spoil Zeh Nation. Studio wey be tell me every time I record, I earn N2 million to N4 million. In five days, I fit to make 15 million. I travel for a month and two weeks, I ask them how much they earn, they say they earn N7,000 in a standard studio. They use me to scam.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has been in the news for firing some of his staff.

In March, the ‘Zazoo Zeh’ singer stated in an Instagram post that he had fired his manager, DJ and promoter from the show. The singer said in the video that they were taking away from him those who needed his help. Furthermore, he stated that whenever he wants to socialize with new people, they have “unruly” attitudes.


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