Street singer Portable criticizes Spyro for refusing to collaborate with him


In an interview on Cool FM, Spyro clarified that Portable music style it doesn’t align with the type of music he creates, making a collaboration unlikely.

In his words, “Not because I have a problem with him, but because our paths don’t cross. Our paths didn’t align. He wouldn’t be able to deliver the kind of music that I would write for him. Because it’s not his style.” I think Portable is good or fun enough. Spyro said.

added, “It’s intentional when people make the kind of music that Portable makes. It’s pretty intentional. Someone came up to me and said, ‘You know, if you want to make it, you have to be on the edge. If you want to make it right.’ music, do it, let it be good. If you want to make great music, let it be really great. I think my writing style is different from his type of music. And I think Portable can even do it. Trust me. I’ve listened to your songs I’m like Laptop did this?”

Spyro’s comments about Portable’s inability to deliver the kind of music it writes for artists have prompted a response from Portable itself. The busker, known for his energetic and vibrant performances, took offense to Spyro’s comments and expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

In a blunt and rude response in English, Portable didn’t hold back and shot Spyro for firing him, especially considering Spyro’s own status as a non-A-lister in the music industry.

“Are you whining at me Apara or Spyro or what do they call you? You never make me a part of ajebo. How many shows do you go to? Don’t let them push you against the helper.” laptop said.

“Come on, that’s why I don’t do too many interviews because I know they will ask too many questions. Make sure you don’t lose your guard so you don’t lose the thread. When they call the industry, now you will be training.” Voice. Now you are packing. Look at this or Are you this guinea fowl or what is your name? Come and let’s give you a chorus so you can blow more. Shey, dey whine ni? Go and ask your oga.

“Make you blow and let everyone see you’ve got. No one can imitate your song. I’ve had too many songs, I blow. Your song can’t be imitated because it’s only one. I can sing all the song patterns. You’re saying no.” one can sing your pattern. You who still take to the shows”.

Fans and followers of both artists eagerly await more news in this unexpected clash of musical preferences.


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