United States: Biden, Obama and Trump press for votes in Pennsylvania


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Image Caption: John Fetterman

As we mentioned earlier, Pennsylvania is facing one of the most important Senate races in this midterm election.

But who exactly are the two candidates vying for the coveted state seat?

John Fetterman53, is the Democratic nominee.

The 6-foot-8, tattooed left-wing Democrat is a Harvard graduate turned small-town mayor who generally eschews suits in favor of shorts and a hoodie.

Fetterman suffered a stroke a few months ago that required him to use closed captioning technology to answer questions.

For months after his stroke, Fetterman remained out of the public eye, instead relying on television ads and an aggressive social media campaign to gain a lead in the polls over his rival, Dr. Oz. .

But pressure grew for him to agree to a televised public debate as his lead over Dr. Oz shrank.

The two finally squared off last week. In several instances, Fetterman was unable to engage in the kind of quick, snappy responses and verbal bickering that characterize American political debates.

Mehmed Oz -widely known as Dr. Oz- is the Republican candidate. He is a celebrated television heart surgeon best known for his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Oz would be the nation’s first Muslim senator if elected.

His political patron is former President Donald Trump. Oz has capitalized on the fact that his opponent is recovering from a stroke, repeatedly challenging him to public debates.

On the hot topic of abortion, Oz said the decision should be left up to “a woman, a doctor, and local political leaders.”

It’s a response that may worry most voters who favor protecting abortion rights.

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Image Caption: Dr. Mehmet Oz


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