8 ‘Big Brother Naija’ Housemates With Old Scores To Settle


From fights to arguments to problems, we’ve seen it all. With the new season upon us, we expect no different with the stellar housematesespecially with old unresolved grudges from previous encounters.

Legumes check out the current housemates with old scores to settle:

From the fourth season of the Big Brother Naija show in 2019, we have Ike and Mercy, the winner of the season. He Pepper Dem The housemates were love birds in the house during the show and quickly became the couple.

After the show, the two did a reality show titled Mercy & Ike What’s Next? which aired on Showmax. With the show taping 13 episodes in total, it came to an end when the couple broke up. The breakup was pretty messy, with attacks thrown here and there across social media by both parties and their fans.

There hasn’t been any visible reconciliation between the two parties, and opening night hinted that some drama was brewing, as Ike had earlier blamed distractions for his failure to win the season, which was immediately cast as a shadow for Mercy. Fans online have advised Biggie to prepare the bouncers to intervene if the pair collide.

Does time heal wounds or can grudges stay alive for up to five years? ‘Cause that’s how long it’s been since the end of Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Ornate the third season, where these two clashed a lot.

The two were never cordial in the house, and even after the house, there were a number of arguments, fights and insults, with speculation about tobi bakare being the root of the problem. Their fight never seemed to settle and spilled over into the meeting, with Cee-C making it clear that she didn’t want to be friends with Alex.

Yet another pair with some old sheet music lurking around, this time from shine your eye season. Cross and Angel were a drama-filled couple, constantly shifting from friendship to situation to even relationships.

But they returned for the reunion separated, with claims of some manipulation and some drama. Cross, however, made it clear that he liked Angel, but that he wasn’t interested in pursuing anything serious. Let’s see what happens this time.

The score for this pair can be described as quite new and fresh, as they are housemates of the recently concluded Level up reunion of the seventh season, where they had many comings and goings. The audience expected the couple to become love objects, but that never happened, despite both parties admitting to liking each other.

However, things got heated with the couple during the just-concluded meeting, with attacks by Doyin claiming that Adekunle tried to make other housemates dislike him in the house, and Adekunle insisting that that never happened and that she was the one who gossiped about him with other housemates. Shots were fired during the arguments, and Doyin referred to her mother, which the audience found highly offensive. Will this pair finally set the record straight, or will all hell break loose?

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