A Pulse interview with artist Captain E, son of Omotola Jalade Ekehinde


His journey as a producer and artist has been an interesting one as he has had to prove to himself that he deserved his success. The son of a famous actress and celebrity. Omotola Jalade EkehindeE’s success is often unfairly attributed to her mother rather than her talent and drive.

After displaying impressive consistency, working twice as hard, and evolving into a proven talent, Captain E decides to share his talents with a wider audience.

Captain E started making music in high school, where he started producing for his classmates. This early interaction would develop into a professional career that made him an excellent producer who has worked with many big names in Nigerian music.

“I’ve been drawn to music since I was a kid. I started learning piano when I was four years old and started producing for friends when I was in high school. Then I started making beats and sending them to Del B to listen to. with them and give me feedback that helped me improve.

E is the son of one of the most famous celebrities in Africa and this meant that he was born into the world of entertainment. I asked Captain E if being the son of Omotola Ekehinde and interacting with different celebrities inspired his interest in music. He tells me that his experience growing up was humbling as he understood the privilege of access.

“My education humbled me in that I was able to get access to the celebrities that people are desperate to meet, I was able to easily meet them and spend time with them. Music was a personal decision for me and it’s a decision I make.” consider”. to when I was a child.”

Captain E started making music at a young age and had the pleasure of working with some of the best artists early in his career. He was able to get seyi shay in his record in his early days and he tells me that she was the first great artist he worked with.

“I’ll say, Seyi Shay. I didn’t produce for her, but I did produce a song for one of the artists I worked with and we were able to put Seyi Shay on a record.”

Just like E, more music producers are putting out music and some are even singing and showing another dimension of their talent. I asked E what he thinks inspires this decision and he tells me it involves his core understanding of music composition as well as the disparity in reward between being a producer and an artist.

“Producers are even different from beatmakers. Producers know how to put it all together to make a great sound, so when they decide to make music, there’s a good chance they’ll stand out. Plus, the success that comes with being an artist It’s different from being a producer.”

I asked E what inspired his decision to become an artist and he tells me it was a talk he had with his mother who told him point blank the reality of being a producer instead of being an artist.

“My mom told me that as a producer, I can work with an artist and help them become famous, but I won’t get much recognition or success, especially in Nigeria. She told me that since I already understand the sound and have a good voice, I should consider be an artist.”

Ever since he had that pep talk with his mom, E has been putting out music. In 2016, she launched a project that she called ‘Winter Sounds’. In the years that followed, E continued to release music and the last one was ‘competent enough’. I asked him what inspired the title of his latest single and he tells me it was a reflection of his journey and the prejudice he suffered as his mother’s son.

“Music is about this guy who fights for what he wants and who thinks he’s competent enough to succeed. There’s always been a bias about my career and success because when I came out, people told me I was just They pushed for my mom.”

E tells me that when he first started putting out music, his sound wasn’t very good, but he has worked hard to improve his sound and develop his art to reach the level it is today. The belief that he doesn’t deserve what he has because of his mother meant that he had to work harder. His hard work and commitment were highlighted when he placed third in a production competition in Atlanta that featured more than 60,000 entrants.

“I entered a music competition in Atlanta that has about 60,000 entrants and I finished third. My mom obviously has no clout there, so I think I’ve shown what I can do and it’s time people start seeing me for who I am. “

Captain E will be releasing a new project later in 2022 that he hopes to connect with more listeners with. E tells me that the project will see an exciting mix of Afrobeats and EDM elements in what he calls ‘Afro-electro.’

“By the grace of God, I will be releasing a new 6-track EP called ‘Black Box’ which will be a wonderful mix of sounds.”

He tells me he’ll release one more single before the EP comes out, though he hasn’t set a date yet.

Before ending the interview, I asked E what, considering how far he’s come, he thinks he’s outgrown the idea that his success is tied to his mother. She said that while she can’t completely get over that notion, she just wants people to know that she’s competent enough.

“I don’t think the bias of connecting my success to my mom will go away, but I’ve always put that behind me. I just want people to know that there is a guy out there who can make great music and has what it takes to be relevant in the community.” musical”, he says.


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