Apple Music Announces Show Dem Camp as Rap Life Africa Featured Artist for October


Rap Life Africa radio also features new songs from the South African rapper alias I call ‘Lemons (Lemonade)’ achievement. nasty c and Ghanaian highlife rapper Black Sheriff‘s ‘SOY’.

Palm wine music 3′: Show Dem Camp’s latest album is a display of impeccable rap techniques and pristine storytelling united by their joie de vivre. Performed in 14 songs and three skits, the album features oxlade, BellahY mannywellz and showcases some of his catchiest, most radio-friendly work.

The album was released on September 30 and is SDC’s tenth album. As alternative artists, they have released the highly celebrated Palm Wine music series which spans three albums: palm wine music (2017)’, ‘palm wine music 2 (2018), and ‘Palm wine espresso (2019)’.

On the Hip Hop side, they have released 6 albums: ‘Clone Wars Vol.1 (2010),’dreamers project (2011)’,Clone Wars II (The subsidy) 2012)‘, ‘Clone Wars III (The Recession) 2016′, ‘Clone Wars vol. IV (These Buhari times) 2019′ and ‘Clone Wars Vol. v (2021)’.


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