Atiku, God’s plan for Ndigbo, Nigeria –PDP PCC


The Deputy Director of Media and Publicity of the Atiku-Okowa Campaign Committee in Anambra State, Mr. Uloka Chukwubuikem, has said that the Peoples’ Democratic Party presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, remains the only plan to God for Nigeria and Ndigbo in 2023 general election.

Chukwubuikem called on Nigerians and especially those in the South East to continue to pray for Atiku-Okowa’s victory as we approach 2023.

The PDP leader affirmed this in a New Year’s statement on Saturday, adding that the long sufferings of Nigerians and the blurry future of the nation are gradually coming to an end with the inevitable victory of Atiku-Okowa in the first ballot in 2023.

Uloka called on southeasterners to join the fray and adopt Atiku as their only candidate, saying the task of freeing Nigeria and Nigerians from the slavery of bad government has become a demand all over the world. the country.

He reiterated the former vice president’s commitment to reshape Nigeria and ensure that power shifts to the south-east and to Ndigbo.

He pointed out that only Atiku and the PDP can guarantee the alliance and synergy to the southeast to produce a president, since no region can produce the president of Nigeria alone.

He said: “As 2022 comes to a close, we also mark the end of the APC era, which has left us with many regrets, including famine, marauders, criminal herders, insurgents and a long list of other insecurity issues.

“Nigerians also experienced strange illnesses, businesses closed, hardship and poverty increased death rates and increased divorce rates, among many other problems. Above all, God has appointed and preserved Atiku Abubakar to liberate Nigeria and bring about our long-awaited unity in diversity.

“It is well known that Nigerians cannot support another APC administration in Aso Rock and are united behind the Atiku-Okowa campaign to overthrow the APC, which is what all Nigerians of all ideological divisions want.

“God preserved and sustained Atiku Abubakar during this specific period in our country’s history; he did it because he is the God who knows everything and knows when it is best to use it. Today, we could not have asked for a better presidential candidate and leader anywhere else than Atiku.

“We have talked so much about equity and justice that it is time for the Southeast to benefit from its years of commitment to the PDP; we can only update this by coming together for the party in 2023, regardless of any misconceptions and conspiracy theories anywhere.

“Ndigbo has only one main interest in 2023 before prioritizing the seat of power, and that interest is the restructuring of Nigeria, which will harness the full potential of the South East, after which we can all sit down and negotiate for the presidency to be rotated to the region with the support of the North and other regions of the country.

“As we usher in 2023, God will grant victory to Atiku-Okowa to save Nigeria and unify the country again.”


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