Bundle up in style: plus size outerwear from Rebdolls.


As we get ready for the weather to get colder, it’s also time to take off our layers or add them to our collection, right? Have you seen the latest plus size outerwear from Rebdolls?

Whether you’ve been looking for faux fur trench coats, fun and innovative denim jackets, or a stylish moto option, Rebdolls will literally have you covered for your fall layering needs.

Have you bought Rebdolls? If you’re not familiar with who they are, this New York-based retailer caters up to size 5x or 30/32, bringing us diversity in style, size and models. They are a brand inspired by bold colors for the city girl who is not afraid to stand out. His mantra: “Focused fit; Trend obsessed!” feel and look with its bold imagery and style.

But let’s get back to the cute plus size outerwear from Rebdolls, shall we? Especially since the weather has started to cool down and those layers are needed fast…

Well, we’ve rounded up some must-see options that are sure to become staples in your closet!

Our top picks in plus size outerwear from Rebdolls!

As we prepare for the chilly weather, it’s also time to take off our layers and bundle up in style…

You can shop these latest fashion finds at Rebdolls.com!

Some fun finds, right? There are more than a few finds here that are must-sees for us!

If you didn’t know, in 2021 AKA Brands recently acquired Rebdolls, allowing the brand to experiment “Rapid expansion with access to increased compliance capacity, increased working capital and tools to navigate affected supply chains. Our unique test-and-repeat approach to data-driven sourcing allows us to be agile and adapt to changing consumer trends.” said Jill Ramsey, CEO of aka Brands.

We’re always here for growth, opportunity, and resources for plus-size brands and creators! A special congratulations to Grisel, who is the founder and who runs the brand!

What do you think of these options? Have you bought Rebdolls lately? Could you see yourself in plus size outerwear from Rebdolls? Which selection is your favourite?

Let us know in the comments below!


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