Complete your fall look with these trendy shoes and boots!


Over the past few years, Fashion to Figure has launched shoe collaborations and collections for the fall season, and for those of you looking for on-trend wide-calf boots that prioritize style AND comfort. Then we think you’ll be excited about the launch of the “new and improved” Fashion to Figure shoes for the fall season.

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What makes this shoe release important? Fashion to Figure relaunches its footwear collection with “New and improved wide sizing for a better fit and maximum comfort.”

Did you know that standard wide shoes are traditionally created by “extending the upper/outside of the shoe and not the sole”? This is where we find ourselves confused and frustrated with the fit. This process leads to a “tighter fit and in most cases results in having to size up to fit the shoe.”

How many of you have done this to get the right fit? We know we have…

Complete your fall look with these trendy shoes and boots
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With the new Fashion to Figure shoes for the fall season, their new styles offer a “true wide width” in our true shoe size, eliminating the need to size up. Thank you for this…

How do they do that? What did Fashion to Figure do to make their shoes fit and perform better?

The new shoes and boots have “Both the upper and the extended sole, which creates a greater width and a more comfortable fit.” Thank you for helping us get through the wide calf fit dilemma and making it a little easier to shop for wide calf boots!

Complete your fall look with these trendy shoes and boots
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Are you ready to see what you can expect from Fashion to Figure Shoes for fall? We have a sneak peek to share with you! As we take a first look at it, know that only *some* of these boots are available, not all, but they’re on the way…

Finish your fall looks with fashion to figure shoes for fall

We take you inside the “new and improved” Fashion to Figure shoe launch for the fall season that focuses BOTH on fit AND fashion in wide calf boots and shoes!

Coming soon in Fashion for Figure

The following boots aren’t on the site yet, but they’re coming to Fashion to Figure soon!

Come on, plus size thigh high boot options! You saw them? It’s such a relief to now have more options and brands that provide you with fun, interesting, and stylish wide calf boots for fall, outside of the normal knee-high options. Some of us want to spice things up, right?

You know what’s even more exciting about this new and improved setting? This new collection of wide calf boots features an increased calf width. Starting with a 20″ calf fit and with some styles available up to a 23″ calf circumference, if you’ve needed more room in your boots for the fall season, Fashion to Figure might have you covered…

New and Improved: Complete your fall look with these on-trend shoes and boots!
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Even more exciting? Fashion to Figure shoes now come up to size 14! For those of you who have been looking for both wide and trendy options in your size above a 12, you’re in luck!

This is an exciting collection, especially when it comes to wide calf boots. If comfort and fashion are at the center here, we expect additional options to become available in the coming months.

It is still important that you measure your calves, to shop online with confidence when shopping for wide calf boots. Yes, measure yourself. Knowing your calf circumference for the most part will only ensure that you can *know* how and if those wide calf boots will work for you…

In the meantime, tell us: What do you think of these wide calf boot options? Are you as excited about these options as we are?


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