Crypto News Today: Here is the latest news on Solana, Fantom and Big Eyes Coin


The cryptocurrency market is a unique ecosystem that is different from other financial systems that you can find around the world. And why is that? The currency market has various digital assets, giving users plenty of options to invest or trade. This financial market is also known for its volatility. The correct information must be provided in order to get the best results from trading in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You will need to find out the characteristics of each coin and how they can contribute to growing your wallet.

By now you know that there are thousands of individual tokens in the crypto space. Therefore, you will need to choose the assets to monitor closely. This piece will update users with the latest happenings around Solana, Fantom, and Big Eyes Coin.

Solana: the killer of Ethereum

You will have heard of Solana if you have been active in crypto in recent years. This cryptocurrency has been in the market for many reasons. This cryptocurrency was popularly touted as the Ethereum killer for many months, and many people still feel that it will dethrone the world’s largest altcoin. Ethereum’s proof-of-stake system ensures that transactions are secure and users can trade crypto tokens seamlessly. Due to the great flexibility of this consensus, Solana users can process up to 65,000 transactions per second. Now, that’s more impressive than most coins can offer.

While Solana is one of the unique crypto projects, it has not been without its challenges. Solana’s first challenge this year was the furious crypto crash of 2022. Due to the turbulent bear market. Solana lost a large part of its value and the confidence of investors. Many investors sold their assets to avoid losing too much. However, the bear market is nearing its end and Solana will rise again. Another major challenge for Solana occurred when its proof-of-stake network experienced downtime on September 30, 2022. A misconfigured node caused a network outage that interrupted the flow of transactions. But now, things are back to normal.

Fantom: One of the most reliable protocols on the market

Just like Solana, Fantom is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency projects in the world. Fantom is also considered an Ethereum killer because it can support decentralized applications. However, he has a long way to go before he becomes the biggest altcoin in the coin market. Fantom can use smart contracts to support decentralized applications. He can also process transactions at lightning speed due to his reliable mechanism. Users of this network must settle transaction fees with Fantom’s token: FTM. It is also possible to buy FTM on major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Yes, Fantom did experience a massive price drop during the 2022 crypto crisis. But reports indicate that it may finally be time for the coin to return to its previous positions. Previous market data has shown that Fantom enjoyed an exciting third quarter. The coin enjoyed an average of 820,000 daily transactions and new wallets were created regularly. With more people flocking to the Fantom project towards the end of the bear market, it already looks like this project is in for an exciting bull season.

Big Eyes Coin: A New DeFi Sheriff Is In Town

The first thing to note about Big Eyes is that it is currently the most popular meme project on the coin market. The exaggeration around the big eyes has been gradually building up. Meme lovers are waiting for this project because it promises to be different from previous projects in the coin market. The first interesting thing to note about Big Eyes is that it will be a meme project that will introduce a unique utility to the coin market. Big Eyes will be one of the first meme coins to support the development of NFTs in the meme sector. Furthermore, this coin will adopt a community-driven approach that will safeguard users’ investments.

This cryptocurrency has a proactive community of developers who want meme lovers to enjoy the benefits of the DeFi sector. That is why everyone wants to be part of this project. However, this cryptocurrency is already in the second stage of pre-sale and many users are buying large amounts of this token. Click on the presale link to avoid being left out.

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