Dakar welcomes one of the largest cinemas in West Africa


One of the largest cinemas in West Africa has opened. Pathé, the second oldest film company still in operation in the world, has settled in the Senegalese capital.

For movie lovers living in Dakar, there are now a dozen movie theaters available.

A great achievement for the city where virtually all theaters had closed by the 2000s, due to state disengagement and competition from DVD.

The Director of Operations of the French company Pathé Dakar Cinema hopes that it will revitalize the sector.

“Why choose Senegal? Well, first of all, Senegal has a history,” exclaims Moustahpa Samb.

“We know the big names in Senegalese cinema like Sèmbène Ousmane and Djibril Diop Mambety. It is a country where new talents begin to gain recognition around the world. We have recently seen the success of Senegalese cinema through the diaspora but also with young creators who are based here in Dakar. It’s a favorable ecosystem.”

The cinema complex received its first spectators on Friday.

If the inauguration was initially set for 2020, the pandemic and supply problems delayed the ceremony. The venue has a capacity of 1,394 seats, and more than 7 movie theaters.

Films from all over the world will be screened here.

Senegalese cinema is considered one of the oldest and most dynamic in Africa, but declined after the golden age of the 1960s to 1980s. Production has recovered in recent years. TV series are on the rise.


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