DJ Tárico & Yuri Da Cunha dominate the dance floor with a new hit, ‘Abre O Canal’


Song title: ‘Open O Channel’

Release date: October 14, 2022

Length: 5 minutes 13 seconds

Details/Take away: DJ Tárico is fast becoming the go-to artist for big collaborations across Africa. And if there’s one thing to take away from his recent attendance at Mr. Eazi’s ‘Patek’ it’s that the Mozambican is now a force to be reckoned with; after all, there’s no denying that his ingenious production helped propel the song to the global Apple Music chart, a feat that just keeps getting better. It is this star power of the seasoned DJ that paints his new collaboration with fellow Lusophone star in a positive light.

translating to “open the doors/channels”, ‘Open O Canal’ is an instant crowd pleaser destined to dominate any dance floor and spark another DJ Tárico inspired dance culture on social media. He has the exotic vocals of Yuri Da Cunha gliding through a dynamic variety of register drum loops very smoothly, providing the perfect African mood. And as always, the ‘Yaba Buluku’ The star man makes the language barrier seem like a myth. He again proves that he is an astute communicator: he relies solely on the rhythms of his percussion instruments to communicate with the bodies of his listeners.

Announced just four days ago, ‘Open O Channel’ sets the tone for the energy and confidence with which DJ Tárico enters AFRIMA ’22, following the news of his nominations for “Best African DJ” Y “Best Artist in South Africa” as well as giving dance junkies and social media content creators something to have fun with, of course.


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