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Eddie Redmayne doesn’t think he’s made “many” movies that are “great.”

The 40-year-old actor, whose extensive career has seen him honored with an Academy Award, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and two Laurence Olivier Awards, insisted he hasn’t fared so well at his job and Even when he was a student at Cambridge alongside the likes of Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens and Tom Hiddleston, he always found his own performances wanting.

He told The Times’ Saturday Review: “The aspiration is always to make a great movie and I don’t think I’ve done many of those…

“[At university] I remember seeing Tom in ‘Arcadia’ and he was amazing. Rebecca was always extraordinary, and I remember Dan doing the Scottish play with extraordinary power as well.

“But to be clear, the theater I did in Cambridge was absolutely appalling.”

When Eddie made ‘Les Miserables,’ he confessed to asking director Tom Hooper if he could do multiple takes of the ‘Empty Chairs’ number because people on set had been so complimentary of his co-stars.

He admitted: “I did twenty-odd takes, back to back.

“Because every day on that set you would hear someone say [drops voice to reverential whisper]: ‘Oh, have you heard of Hugh? [Jackman] extraordinary performance of ‘Who Am I’? And oh from Annie [Hathaway] ‘I dreamed a dream’?’

“But mine kept pushing further down the schedule. So by the time you get there, the pressure is immense. So I said, ‘Let’s just give it as many times as we can!’ ”

The ‘Good Nurse’ star reached the height of his fame in 2014 when ‘The Theory of Everything’ premiered and married wife Hannah Bagshawe, admitting the entire “extraordinary” period remains a “fuzzy blur” for the.

He said: “The whole year of making ‘The Theory of Everything’ was a blur because the stakes were high and because I knew Stephen [Hawking] I was going to see it.

“Then when I was promoting the movie, I was doing ‘The Danish Girl.’ I walked the red carpet, got back on the plane, and flew right into the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ shoot. It’s a period that’s blurry and confusing, and also because I was newly married and then with little kids. It was an extraordinary moment, but at I haven’t made much sense of it yet.

Although Eddie loves his job, he wants to find the right balance between his career and what’s best for his children, Iris, six-year-old Luke, and four-year-old Luke.

He said, “Actors are essentially circus performers. And yet I had a very settled upbringing. And trying to figure out what’s best for our family is something I question every day. It’s about not wanting my job, my interests and my love for what I do to harm my poor little ones.


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