End of legal limbo for US big tech in Europe with a new data framework


On Friday, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at allaying European fears about US surveillance and ensuring the privacy of personal data flows between the EU and the US. USA

According to the White House, the executive order establishes a new legal framework for transatlantic data transfers, which are vital to the digital economy.

Biden’s action is the latest attempt to end years of court fights in which European activists questioned the validity of data transfers and threatened to shut down US tech giants in the EU.

“This is the culmination of our joint efforts to restore trust and stability to transatlantic data flows,” Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told reporters.

“It will enable a continuous flow of data that supports more than a trillion dollars in cross-border trade and investment each year.”

Although authorities in Brussels warned that the presidential order was merely the start of a process that may take months to negotiate a new data pact, EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders hailed the executive order as a “significant step”. .

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EU privacy advocates have brought many cases against US tech companies because they are concerned about US intelligence services accessing the personal information of Europeans who use Facebook or Google for their needs. online.

After hearing accusations that US regulations infringe on the basic rights of EU citizens, Europe’s highest court has struck down earlier agreements, often known as equivalence agreements.

The executive order, according to the White House, resolves issues that the Court of Justice of the European Union identified when it determined that the previous structure of the Privacy Shield did not offer sufficient security.

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