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Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State urged the Odu community in the Nasarawa Local Government Area to ensure sustainable peace through the promotion of cultural values.

Sule gave the post on Saturday at the Odu Cultural Day 2022 celebration in the Odu community.

The governor, who was represented by his deputy, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, congratulated the community and the entire Afo nation for their contribution to the development of the state.

He attributed the peace being enjoyed in the area at the moment to the concerted efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration against insecurity as well as the cooperation of the people.

“I thank all the sons and daughters of Afo land for your continued support of this government in terms of security, an area we take so seriously, and that’s why we can gather here today like this,” he said.

Sule also praised the immense contributions of the area’s traditional ruler “Osu Ajiri”, Alhaji Halilu Bala-Usman, in ensuring peace in the state.

He assured the community and the Afo people of his administration’s commitment to improve their lot in all areas of governance.

The governor noted that the community’s initiative to build a palace for the village head is commendable, and assured that the government will provide the necessary support.

Mr. Job Osu, President of the Odu Elites Development Association, said that the essence of the celebration was to show and sustain the rich cultural heritage of the Afo people to the world.
He said the event would also allow them to pool resources to achieve set goals, both for the land and its people.
Osu thanked the governor for his efforts to ensure the return of peace to the area, the various development projects, as well as the appointment of indigenous Odu in his cabinet.

He also thanked the Afo community’s traditional ruler “Osu-Ajiri” Alhaji Halilu Bala Usman and Odu village head Yusuf Owuna for their role in ensuring their subjects lived in peace with each other.

“This day will remain memorable in the history of our community because it is the first time in the history of the Afo nation that our village chief will have a dignified palace.

“We wish to build this palace to minimize the crisis whenever any son of the land is selected or appointed as a village head, and this will ensure royal and administrative expediency and arrangement of duties,” he said.
He noted that the Odu Day celebration was part of his executive’s plan to unite the people to restore peace and encourage development in the area.

“By the grace of God, before the end of our term, with the support of the community, we will ensure a rapid and positive transformation in the areas of security, education, health, cultural reorientation and infrastructure development.”

He praised the efforts of the federal and state governments to address security challenges in the area.
Osu assured that the entire Afo nation would continue to provide the necessary support to the government to win the war against insecurity and insurgency in Afo land and Nigeria in general.

Also, Retired Commodore Yahaya Owuna, Chairman of the occasion, said that the event was appropriate considering the valuable contributions that the people of Odu made to the society.

He said that the initiative to build a suitable building for the village headman was commendable and deserved the support of all concerned.
However, he urged children and youth in the area to embrace education and stop depending on illegal mining for a livelihood.

“We must not abandon knowledge, hard work and our rich cultural heritage. So we must work to achieve all three for the growth and development of our community,” he said.

For his part, the traditional ruler of the Afo nation, “Osu-Ajiri” Bala-Usman, thanked the indigenous people of the Odu community and the Afo land for organizing the program, noting that it had been long overdue, but that the wait was worth it. the sorrow.

“Today, I am a happy father to witness this historic day. In fact, this day will help to reduce the pressure we witness on a daily basis in regards to the traditional institution in Afo land.

“This further explains who and what we are. We are a forward-thinking people, and we don’t stop until we see the end of whatever we set our eyes on.
“I congratulate the entire Odu Community and thank our visitors, especially the Executive Governor, for finding time out of his busy schedule to celebrate this day with us.

“While we will continue to count on the support of the Government and well-meaning people to develop our land, we will not let up in giving our wholehearted support to this administration, which has invested so much in the Afo nation and its people,” he added.

Furthermore, Yusuf Owuna, Odu village leader, explained that the day was set aside for Odu indigenous people both at home and in diaspora to embrace each other for the growth and development of the community.
“We are happy for the peace and holiness that we currently enjoy in our community and the surrounding districts.

“We thank Governor Abdullahi Sule and this administration for all they have been doing for our people and our land, from restoring security to building roads to appointing our sons to various positions of authority.
“Today we can sleep with our eyes closed, we can go to the farm safely and travel on paved roads,” he said.


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