‘He’s renewing his rituals’ – Portable trace reactions after taking the stage in a coffin


In case you missed the gist

reported pulse that on Wednesday, December 28, 2022, Portable had their Lagos concert at the New Afrikan Shrine and did not fail to make a grand entrance.

Portable was carried onto the stage in a white coffin by a group of six men dressed in white.

The coffin was then shaken in the air in a ritualistic manner before being dropped so that Portable emerged in a grand entrance reminiscent of The Undertaker.

Portable can love coffins

Remember that the self-described “wahala musician” recently took to his social media platform to show off his latest set of face tattoos.

In the video posted, it appeared that the tattoo on the right side of his face, near his ear, resembled the shape of a coffin.

However, several people raised concerns about how the coffin turned up.

Although many have praised the singer’s public relations team, many say the singer’s public display of affection for coffins has an ulterior motive.

Nwannenaija wrote: “There is a deeper reason for this, this is not entertainment, Lady Gaga did something similar.”

Defending Portable, another user, Yourboydarmydc, wrote that it’s all in the spirit of showbiz and people should stop criticizing the singer.

in his words: “When Undertaker (wrestler) appears in a coffin, everyone claps and goes crazy. Portable decides to do the same, critics everywhere. It’s a concept and there’s nothing wrong with it, black people should stop reading deep meaning into everything. As a performer, the dramatic entrance is important.”

ZeeymerhsEmporium wrote “ormo buh this is too much nah Even the dead have no choice so they put them in the coffin This one comes dey catch cruise with coffin nawa o”

Inferring that this is a ritual process disguised as stage performance, a user named Futuristic wrote: “It reminded me of the movie I saw about African magic when the herbalist instructed the pastor to do his renewal ritual right at the church altar.” The pastor did the ritual right there on the altar during the Sunday service turning it into a drama.”

According to Julius, the entrance was absurd. “Portable, you are a great musician and loved by many, I like the fact that you are trying to be very creative for your fans, that’s why your dear fans love you so much, but there are things that are considered absurd, coming out of a coffin is one of them. Thank you”, he wrote.


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