Huawei Celebrates European Innovation Day in Paris


[Paris, France, October 17, 2022] Huawei organized the European Innovation Day 2022 today in Paris, under the theme “Open Innovation for a Sustainable Europe”. The event brought together innovators from around the world who are working on building a “Digital Europe” and exploring how digital technology can be used to protect the environment.

The agenda began with a keynote speech by MEP Ardiana Maldonado, who discussed “Innovation as our best tool for future global challenges”, where she highlighted how Europe urgently needs digital innovation to face future challenges. She also called for the creation of a truly open ecosystem. where businesses, startups, academia and policy makers can work together to ensure that Europe continues to lead the charge in the years to come.

MEP Adriana Maldonado delivers her speech

Gaël Blondelle, Vice President for Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation, one of the largest open source communities in the EU, also gave a presentation advocating for open source solutions to the innovation challenges Europe is currently facing. , and Dario Rossi, director of A14NET Lab & DataCom. The Huawei Research Center laboratory in Paris discussed how Huawei is contributing to science and innovation in France and Europe.

An open ecosystem powered by digital technologies can accelerate Europe’s growth

Rainer Terlutter, Vice President Industrial Solutions at Empolis Information Management, spoke at the event about why innovation in digital technologies is so important for Europe, saying: “Smart products and services based on artificial intelligence and smart insights are the driving force of digitization”.

David Chquiry, CEO and founder of Green Tech Innovations, also added that “by working together, we can use edge computing and other new technologies to create solutions that are green by design.”

A particularly compelling feature of Innovation Day 2022 was startups and future leaders sharing their own success stories. For example, Jake Phillips, Director of Ecosystem Development at an internationally recognized startup community, Dogpatch Labs, introduced his company’s ecosystem and highlighted the potential for innovation and job growth it will bring. He shared how 2021 had been a landmark year for unicorn investing in Europe, with startups entering a hyper-growth phase. He also touched on his work to push for positive policy initiatives that enable start-ups to unleash their potential.

Atul Shrivijay Athavale, Head of Cloud Ecosystem at Huawei Cloud WEU, announced the official launch of the Huawei Cloud Startup Program and Huawei Cloud Developer Competition in Europe, as part of Huawei Cloud’s commitment to work with partners to build an innovative ecosystem of startups and developers. .

A green and sustainable Europe is closely linked to digital technology

Three more speakers included the CTO of the Porini Foundation, Toni Caradonna, the Director of Protected and Conserved Areas of the Center for Conservation Action, James Hardcastle, and the CEO of the Rainforest Connection, Bourhan Yassin, who called together to build a greener Europe. and more environmentally friendly with innovative digital technologies. .

Huawei continues its contribution to Europe

Participants then enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Basalisco, Director of Copenhagen Economics, who shared the key findings of a study published on October 17. The study demonstrated Huawei’s economic contribution to Europe in 2021, which is significant in terms of added value, supported jobs, and European tax revenue. Huawei also made significant contributions to research and innovation, talent cultivation, sustainable development, and social and digital inclusion in Europe.

Karl's speech

Karl Song concludes European Innovation Day

In his closing remarks for Innovation Day 2022, Huawei Vice President of Corporate Communications Karl Song shared some real-life examples of how Huawei is contributing to digital, smart and green development both in Europe and around the world. . always be committed to the digital transformation of French and European SMEs and the creation of a more digital Europe.”


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