I survived going to a Korean spa (totally naked) as a plus size babe!


Body neutrality is often the first step to loving your body. Body neutrality is simply appreciating your body and its functionality over its appearance. And if there is a place that allows you to put function before appearance, it is a Korean Spa (totally naked).

Now, I know that for most people, especially plus size girls, the idea of ​​being naked in a room full of people, even if they’re just women, doesn’t scream. “spa experience,” but I promise you it wasn’t a “I forgot the nightmare of my pants!”

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Personally, I was forced to get comfortable naked with my mom as an adult, due to a horrible injury where she needed to help me shower for months. She has always been under the notion that she is not just a body, but my body made your body. So nothing is weird because I’m your mom. Her attitude definitely helped ease my initial anxiety, but this was the first experience we had of being completely naked together.

The particular Korean Spa we went to has the mogyoktang, or gender-divided nudist bathhouse area, and then a jimjilbang, or mixed area where you have to dress up, and they even give you sweats to put on. Not knowing how sizing would work, I brought my own robe and clothes, which I’m glad I did, because I wouldn’t have been comfortable with how tight they were.

plus size woman getting a spa treatment at a korean spa
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Wrapped in my own robe, I put away my personal belongings, laughed with my mom, took a deep breath, and was completely naked—in public! I mean, not public, but more public than I’ve ever been. My stomach, my stretch marks, my breasts that are no longer as firm as before, all exposed.

I quickly showered and then jumped into the jacuzzi as fast as I could so at least my body was somewhat hidden, but that’s when I realized that no one cared about me or my body at all.

It was a collection of natural women, with body hair, scars, tattoos, and wrinkles, all just enjoying and taking care of their bodies. No one even looked up from their own zen.

Plus Size Woman At The Spa - My Korean Spa Experience
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I forgot I was naked in this Korean spa!

From dry sauna to wet sauna, cold plunge, extra hot plunge, and basic hot tub; the funny thing was at some point, i forgot i was naked. I stopped clutching my robe when I took a water break. I was truly enjoying every inch of my plus size body uninhibited, unashamed, and fully functional.

Then it was time for the seshin, a traditional Korean spa technique that uses a full body scrub. Lifts dead skin and increases blood circulation. We were told to get in the jacuzzi 30 minutes early to soften our skin for washing. Then, they took us behind a wall and we each had our own section, but again we were completely naked!

plus size woman getting a spa treatment - Korean Spa Experience
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Once lying on the plastic bed, my masseuse began exfoliating every inch of me…and when I say every inch, I really mean every inch. He was between my fingers and toes, lifting my arms and repositioning my legs to make sure I didn’t miss a spot. It wasn’t necessarily painful, but definitely vigorous.

From time to time, I would throw a bucket of warm water on myself to wash away all the dead skin, and then keep scrubbing. I couldn’t even comprehend how much dead skin there would be, but let’s just say it was more than I expected.

There were a few moments where I felt a little self-conscious with this woman touching so much of my body, but then I tried to relax by remembering that I had seen her doing this for years. They were in bra and underwear and completely professional.

I mean, I’m sure he’s seen all kinds of bodies over the years and was completely unfazed that we were naked. You know that scene in “The Wizard of Oz” where they go to the “Wash and Brush” and have a crew getting them ready for the wizard? My mom and I laughed feeling like we were living the Oz experience.

The treatment ended with a hair wash and conditioning and it wasn’t long after that for me to forget how exposed and bare I was, which I know seems a little crazy.

Overall, it was such a unique and amazing experience that my mom and I will share and laugh with forever, and I’m so glad I didn’t stop because of my insecurities.

At the end of the day, we all live in real bodies. Bodies that fall, sink, heal, change and, most importantly, allow us to live. We owe it to our bodies, and ourselves, to make the most of that life and even pamper them from time to time.

Have you ever been to a Korean spa? What was your experience? Tell me, I’m really curious if your experience was as liberating as mine!


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