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A soccer stadium in Indonesia is to be rebuilt from scratch after a deadly stampede earlier this month.

President Joko Widodo promised to “completely transform” football in the country after the tragedy that left 132 dead, including 43 children.

“Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang… we will demolish it and rebuild it according to FIFA standards,” he told reporters at the state palace after meeting with Gianni Infantino, the head of world soccer’s governing body.

On October 1, the police fired tear gas at the stadium – despite the fact that the control measure was prohibited by FIFA – after fans jumped onto the pitch at the end of the match. causing people to panic and try to run away.

More than 130 spectators were fatally crushed in the stampede and 580 more were injured.

The main cause of death was the “excessive” and “indiscriminate” use of tear gas, according to a report by the government research team last week.

The report also said the stadium was filled beyond capacity, exit gates were locked and the match was played at night to ensure better ratings.

The investigation team also said that more than three hours of CCTV footage had been deleted about an hour after the match. They asked the police to provide these images and asked the director of the Indonesian Football Association to resign.

In the aftermath of the stampede at the stadium, Indonesia and FIFA have formed a joint working group in preparation for the country to host the U-20 World Cup safely next year.

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Tearful mourners for stampede in Indonesia

Infantino, who presented the Indonesian president with a red FIFA jersey with his name printed on it, said the world soccer body will work closely with the government to ensure all stadiums meet safety requirements.

President Widodo agreed that significant changes need to be made in Indonesia in the way sport is conducted.

“We agreed to completely transform Indonesian football,” he said. “Every aspect of the preparation…must be based on FIFA standards.”

Infantino added: “This is a football country, a country where football is a passion for more than 100 million people. We owe them that when they watch a match they are safe and secure.”


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