InterMoor wins a floating wind concert in Asia


October 20, 2022

© Intermoor

InterMoor said on Thursday it had secured the engineering design scope and transportation and installation study for two upcoming floating offshore wind farms offshore Asia.

The company, a brand in Acteon’s Foundation, Mooring and Engineering Division, said that one wind farm consisted of 50 to 80 turbines, each with a capacity of 15MW, totaling a capacity of 750 to 1200MW, and the second wind farm had from 10 to 20 turbines, each with a capacity of 15MW and with a total capacity of 50 – 300MW.

“The depth of water at these sites ranges from 80 to 140 meters. Each wind turbine platform will be moored by hybrid mooring lines, allowing station maintenance while offsetting environmental and extreme environmental loads,” Intermoor said. The company did not say who the customers were or where exactly in Asia these wind farms are planned.

InterMoor’s scope includes a feasibility study of various anchoring solutions, namely drag anchors, suction anchors and driven piles; detailed evaluation of the advantages and limitations associated with these anchoring solutions, including operational and commercial aspects; development of transportation and installation methodology for both the foundations, mooring facilities, and export and inter-arrangement cables; and supporting EPCI project programming and budgeting.


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