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Mimiq, Inc today announces the launch of its new product, Mimiq Track, at CES as part of its latest product line to operate on the Helium Network, the world’s fastest growing wireless network.

With helium compatibility, Mimiq track uses the network’s global LoRaWAN network to give homeowners real time location tracking and push notifications for your belongings at home or on the go.

Founded in 2018, Mimiq was created in response to the worldwide shortage of reliable tracking devices available on the market. Mimiq is paving the future of fifth generation wearable IoT products for consumers and businesses around the world. Its latest product, Mimiq Track, is set to debut at CES and is the world’s slimmest location tracker.

By working with the Helium Network, Mimiq is reimagining the future of wearable security and secure tracking while bringing peace of mind and precision to the market.

“Mimiq is defining the fifth generation IoT and changing the game for how things interact with people,” said Noyan Berker, co-founder and CEO of Mimiq, Inc. “Our products and solutions are designed to actively connect our customers with what matters most to them, serving as a safe and reliable addition to their daily routines.”

The size of a credit card, Mimiq Track allows users to protect, locate and monitor their belongings in real time with the power of the expansive Helium network. Like previous Mimiq product offerings, such as the Mimiq Go and FinestraMiner, a helium-enabled access point, Mimiq Track comes equipped with three months of battery life, LoRaWAN connectivity, and the ability to identify approximately 20,000 locations with a single burden.

Scott Sigel, Director of Operations for the Helium Foundation, said:

“Mimiq Track is a fantastic solution for securing physical items. Its innovative system gives users peace of mind with on-the-go solutions that control what matters most.”

“By leveraging the Helium Network, Mimiq can be confident that its portable security devices can protect valuables around the world and represent an important testament to the value and usefulness of a global, decentralized LoRaWAN network.”

Used for a wide range of needs, including personal security, fleet management, delivery tracking or livestock control, Mimiq Track’s purpose-built cloud integrates easily to work in a wide range of rural and urban environments. To provide exact location tagging, Mimiq Track is designed to efficiently process nearby Wi-Fi access points and GNSS satellite signals from space, in addition to general Helium Network coverage.

“When it comes to a next-generation tracker, we know that even non-techies are familiar with terms like ‘pairing’ or understand what a Bluetooth range is because of its prevalence in today’s world.” said Serdar Settop, co-founder and CTO of Mimiq. “The track is for the people, and I am confident our community will find themselves more connected to what is most valuable to them while using our products: Hello world. I’m connected.”

With over four years of LoRaWAN development under its belt, Mimiq enables users to stay connected even in the most remote locations. In partnership with the Helium Network, Mimiq Track enables consumers and businesses to stay connected and informed about the real-time status of their personal and business possessions at any time.


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