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The musical sensation in an interview with Dada Boy Ehiz on Apple Music Africa Now Radio he shared the motivations behind the album.

According to Joeboy, the album includes the best of both worlds as listeners will be treated to amazing love songs while also getting songs that talk about relationship issues.

“It’s like the best of both worlds: there’s the ideology of love, [and] there is toxic love, because at the end of the day, love is not just a bed of roses, there are battles and challenges that people have to go through in relationships.

There’s this social media idea that love is perfect and snow white, but that’s not it. Love is war, basically, so I’ve come to understand that and the album doesn’t just touch on the positive aspects of love, it touches on the other aspects of love. Not just the good part.”

Joeboy shared that during the process of creating the album, he suffered a creative block due to thinking too much about the direction to follow.

“As a mainstream artist, there’s a pressure that comes with trying to make the next hit record, and it brings a lot of undue and unnecessary pressure on yourself. I remember while working on the album I had a creative block, I was just thinking about too many factors and When you start to put too many factors into it when it comes to making music, it slows down your creativity, which is what I’ve learned at this point.”

He also revealed that he was able to shake off the block by following the advice of a longtime collaborator. E Kelly who admonished him to make music from the heart.

“I was talking to one of my producers, E Kelly, he’s been working with me since the beginning of my career, and [he was] like you know what, just make music without any kind of barriers or limits, just make music that comes naturally. Don’t try to make it sound a certain way, make it sound like you’re having fun. At the end of the day, before fame and money, music was something I loved to do, like I enjoyed it, so I really went back to that point.”

Joeboy didn’t feature anyone on his debut, but since then, he’s appeared in a handful of collaborations. Joeboy shared that he chose to feature artists in ‘Body and soul’ because he felt it was time to start working with the artists he loves and respects.

“I would say this point was just necessary. With the first album, I really wanted people to connect with me directly, like, ok, this is me, this is what I’m engaging with right now. The first album is the foundation of the music. , so when people want to go back to the source, they know this is the vibe and sound this person started with. I wanted it to be just me on that particular album so people can get the whole package from me. at that point .

Moving forward with this album was just a matter of time because I learned to work with different artists that I really love and respect, so it was time to work with people and the songs were beautiful.”

The 15-track album was preceded by the lead singles. ‘Alcohol’, ‘Contour’, ‘Body and soul’, and ‘Backpack’. The album has been met with critical acclaim, with Pulse describing it as one of the best projects to release in 2023.


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