Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Morning and Night Skincare Routines


When it comes to skincare and makeup, who better than Kim Kardashian for some advice? While developing her ‘SKKN BY KIM’ skincare line, the diva spoke to various experts, tested various formulas, and gained immense skincare knowledge that most of us might not have. After various tests and trials, she selected her morning and evening skincare routine that best suits her skin type and gives her a long-lasting glow, while addressing major skin concerns. . And, in a recent interview, she shared all of her beauty secrets with her fans, who are just as obsessed with skincare and beauty as she is.

In statements to a publication, he revealed that he has had psoriasis since he was 25 years old and to avoid outbreaks, he takes maximum care of his skin from the inside out. In addition to following her specially curated skincare routines, she follows a healthy lifestyle and eats plant-based foods as much as possible.

Revealing her morning and nighttime routines in a chat with Byrdie, Kim shared: “I use my Skkn by Kim nine-step system for my skincare routine. I really created it to be exactly what I use. There are little changes between my morning and night skincare routines, for example, we have two vitamin c products in the line, the oil drops ($95) and the vitamin c8 serum ($90) i prefer to use the drops of oil throughout the day, as they’re formulated with a highly stable, active form of vitamin C, which evens out the complexion and gives it the glow of a lifetime. really radiant.”

Kardashian continued: “I will be using the Vitamin C8 Serum at night. It is infused with 9% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, a stable, water-soluble derivative of Vitamin C known for its long-lasting results, and is clinically proven to decrease appearance of discolorations, wrinkles and fine lines.For my nighttime routine, I’ll also be using Face Cream, but mixed with our Night Oil ($95), which helps hydrate skin overnight so I wake up to really plump and plump skin “.

When asked about the skincare step she never skips or skips, the 42-year-old said: “I try to never skip any part of my skincare routine, it’s a very important part of my personal care routine, but cleaning my face is something I always make sure to do before applying the rest of my products.”

The fashionista also shared her biggest skincare regret. Speaking candidly to the publication, the reality show star revealed that she wishes she had started using toners in her 20s. For most of her younger days, she felt that the toner was just water on her face that did little or nothing for her skin. But when she began exploring new skincare products and lines, she discovered that toners can contain fruit enzymes, AHAs, and various other beauty elixirs that can do a lot for skin and its vitality.

Revealing the best skincare advice she’s ever received, Kim said, “That skincare isn’t just for your face! I always take it to heart. Another great piece of advice is that the best skincare routine While I find my nine-step skin care routine necessary, I know some people may find it overwhelming.”

Lastly, she talked about breakouts being her number one skincare concern.


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