Leader Computers integrates operations with Dematic’s AutoStore robotics technology


leading computers, an IT and PC distributor is renewed their operations to integrate Dematic’s AutoStore technology within their Sydney warehouse saving hours on inventory and allowing more time to ship stock to resellers.

Dematic’s AutoStore automated warehousing, goods-to-person (GTP) pick-up system was incorporated to maximize Leader Computers’ storage space and reduce manual labor.

With growing demand for IT infrastructure from the pandemic, online classes and resellers of work-from-home setups were placing more orders and increasing pressure on Leaders’ warehouse operations, prompting the company to update your warehouse with automation and capitalize on a better space.

Dematic consulting manager David Lamb says the requirements for this automation project were: one, to save labor; two, save warehouse space; and three, for Leader Computers to preach how to use technology to improve business.

“The Dematic solution features an AutoStore system with nine robots, three goods-to-people ports, and 6,662 containers.”

“Palletized products are manually delivered to an AutoStore port, where an operator receives them and loads them into robot-delivered containers.” says lamb

As Lamb’s receiving tasks are completed, the robots pick up the containers for delivery to the high-density storage network.

“As orders are received, the robots retrieve the containers and deliver them in sequence to operators at two carousel ports.” he said.

Lidcombe, Sydney serves as a warehouse for Leader Computers, stocking approximately 8,500 SKUs of products, from very large server racks and monitors to very small items such as USB sticks and CPUs.

Leader’s managing director, Theo Kristoris, says Leader’s purpose is to help resellers grow and become highly profitable.

“This solution enables us to ship quickly and on time to thousands of MSPs and IT resellers in Australia and we are proud to be at the forefront of technology and bring this automation to our resellers.” says kristoris

AutoStore business development manager Jason Wu. says it has been an honor to collaborate with Dematic on a pioneering project for Leader Computers,

“We are pleased to see more supply chain companies adopting advanced technologies to further improve productivity and efficiency.”

“Over the years, we have established a relationship based on trust and innovation, and this project is proof of that,” says Wu.

According to Leader Computers, the implementation was completed in an eight-week period despite disruptions from COVID-19, and Dematic continues to work with the dealer on 24-hour on-call support and scheduled maintenance.


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