Man United fan Olakanmi shares horrific abusive experience with former Chelsea boyfriend


According to the filmmaker, she was abused and tortured by her boyfriend because of her love for soccer.

In a shocking revelation on Twitter, Olakanmi shared that she used to be a Manchester United fan before her boyfriend forced her to become blue.

He forced her to watch Chelsea games and made her a prayer warrior for the Blues when they lost a game while making sure she never celebrated or mentioned anything Manchester United related.

Olakanmi recounted her ordeal in the thread titled ‘My Domestic Violence Experience’.

The actress and screenwriter confirmed that she was not sharing a script but a real life story that happened to her.

“He was a Chelsea fan while I was supporting ManU, but I don’t dare openly support my club, I don’t dare be happy if we win,” he said.

“I became a prayer warrior for Chelsea to win everything for peace, otherwise it will be a war zone.”

“He doesn’t want to eat my food and I don’t dare to eat either, why? Chelsea didn’t win the game. It must be a painful moment for us at home, I have to beg him to eat, otherwise I’ll sleep starving.” . .”

“If he’s not at home, I have to watch the game and tell him in detail how it went.”

“If by any chance I fell asleep and didn’t watch the game, hell would be a better place to stay that day.

“Forcing myself to support a club against my will, forcing myself to watch and call the game. Normally, if I listen to Chelsea, I should be having PTSD.”

“This is not a movie or a script I’m working on, this is the true story of my life.”

Manchester United and Chelsea will meet this weekend in the Premier League.


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