Meet Dozzybeat, the Nigerian musician on the rise


In an interview with Dozzybeat, a fast-rising Nigerian-Canadian rapper born Chidozie Okeke and the September cover of Pulse Nigeria’s Future Sounds playlist, talks about his love of music, his ambitions, his growth and the challenges that come with it.

Speaking about how he stumbled into music, he said: “I’ve always loved high school music, but my passion for it was more listening to, you know, vibrant music, listening to music whenever I can, you know, back in high school days, making drum beats and tables and just rapping and making music. That’s not my passion.”

His desire to create music and tell his own story, according to the next qualified, came about during the COVID lockdown. He just took his laptop, surfed the web and discovered music production software, which launched him into music production.

He talked about his first single and the role his brother plays in his career as a musician. “I just decided to put in more effort and just download, um, get a laptop, download the beat-making app, and started doing it and then I also linked with my brother, just back to back,” he said.

In his words, his single ‘My life’ it captured his state of mind after his father’s death. “And then I put out my first single, which is that my life had a little bit of control because I lost my dad at that point. So I thought, you know, I had to do something to help myself.” . But the night my father passed away and then I just kind of yelled at him. So that single was my first song that I released, which was kind of a token of my respect for him.” he added.

We talk about your message, style and brand. Dozzybeat reveals that he is more of a chameleon when it comes to his vibe and what he tries to show with his music. in his words “I’m, I’m more of a chameleon.” “I do not have [a vibe]” he continued.

I don’t have a particular style [that] I think I want to stay. me [could] I wake up tomorrow morning and decide to do a lot of rapping and exercises. me [could] I wake up today and I want to do a lot of Afrobeat and I love Afrobeat or Amapiano, whatever I’m feeling. It’s kind of what’s spiritual to me. So wherever the spirit of the music pushes me or guides me, that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t have a particular style.”

He went on to discuss his challenges as a freelancer which he says are the funds to run his promotions.

“It’s fucking expensive. The most expensive part of making music is promotion, because if you don’t promote it properly, people won’t listen to it and those people will try. This promotion is very expensive and I don’t blame them.” . It is a business. I get it. But it is very, very expensive to be able to expose yourself. It is one of the biggest challenges you can face to get your music heard because you can have a beautiful song. [but] If people don’t listen to it, it’s a problem, then they don’t really notice your beautiful song.” he tells Pulse.

He discussed his plans to collaborate with Blaqbonez to be creative and know how to get people’s attention. Dozzybeats lists him as one of his favorite artists.

Speaking of his plans, he drops an exclusive. She also talked about releasing her next single next month. In her words, “So I have an EP with my brother that’s coming out soon, maybe next year. It’s called ‘Vibrations and Inshallah’. So that’s basically what I’m doing with the music. I’m just vibing and by the grace of God come what may. So literally writing, inshallah, whatever God decides will happen to me.”

About his career, Dozzy states that he is willing to create music and allow God to handle what happens next in his career. “I’m just going to create music. I’m blessed to enjoy the vibe and just put the Bible on. So that’s what that mixtape is going to be, inshallah. That’s basically how I do everything. I just write. I leave it up to God”, added


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