Meet Glamorise, the plus size bra brand that JUST turned 101!


Have you been looking for a brand of plus size or full bust and full figure bras? You need to check what Glamorise has been up to! This is a brand that includes plus sizes in the fit, function, and shape of their bras. They are one of the legacy brands in the lingerie industry that just turned 101 years old! If you don’t know, you have to familiarize yourself with this brand.

When bras were still called bras, Glamorise Foundations Inc. closed the underwear size gap by “offering plus size bra sizes that can’t be found anywhere else.”

Glamorise brand plus size bra
Image courtesy of the brand

“We have focused solely on the plus size consumer since our founding, long before size inclusion became a buzzword. Curvy women were the focus of our business then and still are today.”

CEO Jon Pundyk.

Glamorise opened its doors in New York’s garment district in 1921 with an in-house sewing studio that is still in operation. “In the midst of taking over flapper fashion that ditched the corset in favor of greater freedom of movement, we set up shop in New York City.”

Glamorise brand plus size bra

You may have seen their commercials or advertisements lately as they aim to re-introduce their brand to the plus size community. Have you seen the commercial?

Did you know that they have championed plus sizes in their bra designs in over 120 sizes with band sizes 30-58 and BK cups? They are NOT new to this, but are loyal to serving plus size bra customers for (literally) decades.

Glamorise brand plus size bra
Image courtesy of the brand

Deadspin noted that in 1975, Glamorise Foundations Inc. introduced the “Free Swing Tennis Bra” the first commercially available sports bra “It offered more support than regular bras, reducing breast movement and discomfort.”

“For more than 100 years, we’ve been committed to making the best-fitting bras for curvy women.” CEO Jon Pundyk said. “We don’t believe in taking shortcuts and we test each and every product on women of all sizes to achieve the perfect fit. Every woman deserves a bra that fits her perfectly.”

Glamorise brand plus size bra

Their range of sizes makes this brand the leader among plus size bra brands offering more sizes than any other bra company. Even more interesting? Glamorise is one of the largest and oldest plus size bra companies in the US!

You can shop your next bra at!

The lingerie addict shares a pro fitting tip with Glamorise bras: “Pro tip: Glamorise’s select styles work better for fuller busts than smaller plus-size busts.”

You can also purchase Glamorise at some of your favorite online bra sites including Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, Barenecessities, Walmart, and Amazon!

Glamorise brand plus size bra

We look forward to seeing more designs and cup styles from Glamorise in the plus size bra space. Since the search for the perfect plus size bra seems like a never-ending quest, there are a few brands that are working to give us the support and style we need.

Have you ever tried and played Glamorise? Do you have some options from them?

How was your experience with them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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