Multiple arrests, hundreds of charges filed in moving company scam


Toronto police say they have made multiple arrests and filed hundreds of charges in a months-long fraud investigation.

Police say four people were arrested this week in connection with a moving company fraud in the area of ​​Bellamy Road and Progress Avenue in Scarborough.

In June, agents executed an arrest warrant against several cheap movers following a CBC undercover investigation. Market in a group of national moving companies accused of misleading prices.

According to police, two men bought and operated the businesses, quoting customers low amounts when contacted online.

However, police say, after the companies collected a person’s belongings, they used contracts without signed amounts and then held their clients’ belongings until a larger amount was paid, which police say would be “thousands of dollars.” more than what was originally quoted”. ”

Police say it is believed the businesses would threaten to sell customers’ belongings unless the higher amount was paid.

In some cases, police say, that happened.

CLOCK | A hidden camera move from Marketplace reveals the company’s late price change:

Hidden cameras catch engines pushing inflated weight estimates

Roadway Moving first quoted the Marketplace producer $895 to move 1,000 pounds. After completing an inventory spreadsheet, that number jumped to $1,495 before taxes to move 3,000 pounds. But on moving day, the estimated weight went up again.

On Friday, police say they arrested a 55-year-old Toronto woman, charged with theft of more than $5,000, conspiracy to commit an indictable felony and damage by interfering with property of more than $5,000. She is expected to appear in court on November 1.

Three other people from Toronto also face hundreds of charges. Friends and business associates Cemal Ozturk, 30, and Dogan Celik, 29, as well as a 26-year-old woman, have been charged with dozens of crimes, including obtaining under false pretenses, fraud of more than $5,000, possession of property obtained through crime. , theft, fraud and attempted fraud.

Ozturk and Celik were previously charged with four counts of fraud, mischief, possession of property obtained by means of a crime, and false pretenses, as well as conspiracy to commit indictable crimes. It is unclear when they are expected to appear in court.

Police say all belongings have now been returned to customers.

These are the companies listed on the June order:

  • Move Me Again Transportation Inc.

  • all you can move

  • Canadian Prime movers

  • Safebound Moving and Storage

  • Road transport and storage

  • 12282569 Canada Inc.

  • Throughout Canada Van Lines Inc.

  • East Coast Star Van Lines Inc.

  • Greenway Moving and Storage Inc.

  • Moonstar Van Lines Inc.

  • 13448037 Canada Inc.

  • Removals O’Canada

  • New vision engines.


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