Plus Size Fashion on the Red Carpet and Center Stage at the 74th Emmy Awards


The Emmys aired last night, and while I’m not a huge fan of the awards show itself, I’m always going to show up to see a plus-size bombshell slay the red carpet; or in this case I should say the golden carpet! Last night when I saw the fashion and style on my timeline and on my TV screen for the 74th Emmy, I was so excited.

When it comes to big fashion events and red carpets, plus size and style are ALWAYS few and far between or just never fully represented. There are so many gaps, limitations, and outright discrimination in plus size fashion that I can’t even begin to list.

Every time a big red carpet event happens, I’m reminded how rare it is to see a plus size figure wearing couture and styles off the runway. When I was younger, I used to wonder if fat women were invited to major red carpet events. (I know, sounds crazy, right?)

So when I see plus-size girls with different body types showing up at award shows and in these spaces, I give them their due because I know what they went through to put this look together and bring their visions to life. Seeing plus size fashion on the red carpet deserves a moment and we’re giving it to you!

Plus Size Red Carpet Fashion– The edition of the Emmys


Tulle, tulle and more tulle! The first look that caught my eye was, of course, the boisterous, beautiful pop star and 6-time Emmy nominee. (and winner!), Lizzo. She sported a high bun with an extravagant ruffled red dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

nicole byer

Nicole Byer showed up wearing royal blue like the royal goddess that she is. She also made a statement in a dark blue silk crop top that paired her tummy and pants. Who doesn’t love seeing a plus size stomach and midriff on the red carpet? I know what I do.

Nicole styled the fit with beautiful naturally colored ombre blonde hair in an African Fulani style.

Natasha Rothwell

Image via Getty

Natasha Rothwell dazzles in a ruby ​​red satin puff sleeve gown that shows off a little cleavage at Safiyaa customized with Angara and Lang Antiques jewellery. Her sleeves added the perfect essence to her natural smile and hairstyle, including a top bun with slanted bangs.

melanie lynskey

Melanie Lynskey appeared in a Christian Siriano original; a mint green off the shoulder of hers with ruffles and a bit of tulle at the bottom of hers. She always loves everything that Christian Siriano does. Melanie even talked on the red carpet about how important her dress was to her and that she was happy to wear something that made her feel comfortable.

ashley nicole black

Ashley Nicole Black not only dazzles us on screen for “A Black Lady Sketch Show” and his writing “Ted Lassos” but she also dazzles on the gold carpet in a black dress and matching gloves! The mesh/sheer bottom of her dress gives it just enough sexiness, while her silver handbag and her low bow tie combine classic Hollywood style.

We need more Plus size fashion on the red carpet!

This is important to see because while there are plus size designers and plus size stylists ready, there are still quite a few designers and stylists who refuse to style or work with stars larger than a size 8/10. So yeah, I’m going to celebrate these looks and moments because it’s 2022 and sadly it’s still considered groundbreaking.

And, plus-size people deserve to look glamorous and dazzling on the Emmys carpet and everywhere high fashion is welcomed and the standard.

The plus size girls who showcased plus size fashion on the red carpet won last night. That is all. That is all.

Did you have a favorite look for the night? Let us know!


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