Pulse Interview: Interview with Afrobeats sensation Bad Boy Timz


Even more charming is the fact that the man’s cheerful, vibrant and energetic personality rubs off on the art and combines to create a personality that makes the art easily reconcilable with the artist.

After announcing himself on the big stage by winning the Headies Rookie of the Year in 2020, which was an endorsement of his talent as well as a huge vote of confidence, Bad Boy Timz has achieved multiple hits.

While some might have expected him to maintain an upward trajectory that should have culminated in a Next Rated Headies Award nomination, Bad Boy Timz chose to move at his own pace.

He scored a single hit with Mayorkun before proceeding to deliver an unforgettable chorus in Olamideit is ‘Charging’. In 2022, he released three singles, the last being ‘big money’ and he has also achieved the gigantic feat of having his song on the FIFA 2023 soundtrack.

2022 has been a good year for Bad Boy Timz, who have lost 3 singles: ‘iz goes’ the street-pop single that has become popular slang. ‘One in the city’, the Pop love tune, and more recently ‘big money’ which is quickly winning more souls for Timz. I asked him what is the motivation behind his decision to release these singles considering that he had a modest 2021. He tells me that his motivation remains the same: to get his music to more listeners.

“What motivates me is the desire to win more souls, share my story and make people happy.”

Readers who had the opportunity to see 2020 heads Awards The ceremony will commemorate the delightful moment Bad Boy Timz received the Rookie of the Year award with his hat comically tilted at an unconventional angle while wearing a big blue suit and white sneakers. Bad Boy Timz remembers winning the award and tells me the moment was both a blessing and a curse for him.

“After I won the award, my label got mad that I didn’t call them by name on stage.” Timz’s carelessness, which was logically influenced by the excitement of winning the award, caused friction with his former label and contributed to his decision to walk away from the label.

“After the award, there was a lot of expectation and pressure, and at the time I was dealing with problems with my label. I couldn’t put out new songs and I couldn’t perform as well.” Timz tells me how legal problems with his label affected his career and even prevented him from leaving his collaboration with daviddo.

“I had a lot of songs that I couldn’t put down. I even had a collaboration with Davido that I couldn’t put down.”

Bad Boy Timz has put those problems behind him and has been on a roll in 2022. His song ‘skeleton’ achievement. Olamide Baddo was included in the FIFA ’23 soundtrack. Timz ‘tells me that he was surprised that FIFA opted for ‘Skeleton’.

“My first reaction was surprise because I was surprised that they chose ‘Skelele’ from the songs I submitted”. When the song was initially released, it didn’t generate much enthusiasm among listeners and its placement on the FIFA soundtrack promises what could be a second chance at life.

After releasing three singles, it looks like Timz was getting ready to release a new project and confirms my guess.

“I will be releasing a new project in November called ‘No Bad Boy, No Party'” Timz tells me excited.

“Some songs are coming back for a new run”, he says. “‘Skelele’ and an international remix of ‘Have Fun’ will be in the project.”

More Afrobeats artists are agreeing to partner with a producer to produce their songs and soundtrack their rise to fame. Badboy Timz is one of the artists with reference producers, namely Timmy’s heartbeat Y shemzzy.

“When I want to lose myself in music and record songs for a month, Timmy and Shemmzy are my favorite producers. Timmy and I have produced fire together and he produced some of the songs on my next EP.”

Afrobeats is on the rise and more artists are making a play for the international market through crossover hits and international collaborations. I asked Timz if he intends to have an international collaboration since appearing in FIFA ’23 was an international move.

“The EP is just me on all the songs except Olamide on ‘skeleton’ “. He tells me that the EP will have a deluxe version in early 2023 that will feature international collaborations from Jamaica, the United States and Brazil.”

BadBoy Timz is excited about his next project and his contagious energy rubs off on him. Before ending the interview, I asked him to give me an exclusive scoop on ‘No Bad Boy, No Party’ and he told me about one song in particular. ‘igboro’ which promises to be a listener favorite.

“That song ‘Igboro’ you just need to hear it bro. I’m going with the fire. We need to show them the street is still in charge” he says echoing Olamide’s words at the 2022 Headies Award.


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