Pulse review of Kaestyle’s ‘Kae’s Study’ EP


Posted on October 5, 2022 ‘Kae’s Study’ comes off the back of Kaestyle’s lovely single Drill ‘Moving crazy’ which showcased the outstanding elements of their music: catchy sound, relatable lyrics, and simple composition.

On her debut EP, Kaestyle explores simple themes of love, trust, and gratitude. It combines simple and identifiable letters but rich in nuances. A melody that sounds like a casual yet irresistibly intoxicating vocal ride. A perfectly designed rhythm with a simple and constant progression. And a related theme is important to create music that doesn’t demand too much from the listeners.

Explore the theme of love in the opening track. ‘Better’ fuses famous street lyrics like “turning on itself” Y “Don’t say what happened holy” as he switched between English and pidgin over a template R&B progression aided by simple chords to deliver a song made Afrobeats primarily by lyrics and delivery rather than rhythm.

Celebrate your exit from the hood on the Pop record ‘Blessings’ featuring Omah Lay, where he uses the quintessential 5-beat percussion progression combined with Highlife riffs to deliver a song that strives for lyrical simplicity and melodic charm. The sonic synergy with Omah Lay that the track exudes is a testament to the similarity in their sound. This is also shown in ‘True love’ presenting victory where the simplicity of the compass provides similarity.

The street wisdom of his lyrics shone through the project. In ‘Beauty and the Beast’, makes a reference to two irreconcilable characters with “Ashawo and the Priest” before proceeding to state that “the street does not smile in an attempt to convey the reality of hustling to make ends meet on the unforgiving streets of Nigeria. The drill track ‘Moving crazy’ it’s also a testament to his versatility and desire to make catchy music that resonates with a demographic that primarily comprises his age group.

There’s no way an artist born in Port-Harcourt could resist the temptation to infuse some philistinism into his music and R&B. ‘wiser’ it’s a nod to the wild sexual awakening taking place in the city. Although thematically, the gratitude explored in ‘Blessings’ makes for a more appropriate closing track, ‘Wiser”s beat and tempo allow it to fit successfully into the groove and close the album as it began.

While the short length of the tracks can be considered a testament to the current success trends in Afrobeats. The nature of Kaestyle’s sound strives from short tracks that draw listeners in and keep them going through the songs.

General, ‘Kae’s Study’ it’s a nice project that builds on Kaestyle’s ability to fuse different genres for a simple and digestible Afrobeats sound. And it supports the psychological idea that all things being equal, the simple solution is often the best.

Songwriting, themes and delivery: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.6/2


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