REACTIONS: Nigerians react as singer Crayon reveals his first sexual experience


Crayon claimed in a tweet that everything he tried for the first time was amazing, sex in a bar. He said that although he had always wanted to lose his virginity with the person he loved, his wish had not come true. He then went on to say how awful it was.

Everything I did for the first time, after signing was awesome except my first sex, that shit was awesome though! I wanted to lose my virginity to someone I loved, but this life has no balance at all.”tweeted.

While many have taken the tweet as light-hearted and fun, others have criticized the singer for sharing that information with the public.

“You loosen up with a girl, you don’t like life, there is no balance”

“This is information that even the FBI and csp Ado don’t fit taken from me… make a deh calm down, shaa”

“We’ll wait for you to come back online and say this is a daring game, if it’s nothing that fits you tell me yourself, don’t take Boy Spice’s advice.”

“We didn’t need to know this, baby.”

“You were a virgin until you were signed. And you tweeted that you miss the trenches yesterday. What kind of trenches are those?”

“Another episode on how to tweet like a Crayon grade schooler:”


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