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The perfect leather find for plus sizes. Whether in the form of a jacket, pants, skirt or bustier, it has a sensuality that few fabrics possess. More retailers are starting to wake up to the fact that plus-size women want genuine and faux leather goods, and we’ve navigated through the murky waters to show you pearls!

Strapless Perforated Faux Leather Jumpsuit at Eloquii.com

Yes, there are plus size leather garments! And for vegans, we’ve also sprayed a multitude of fake versions. We got you Boo!

The leather motorcycle jacket

Biker jackets have been in style consistently since 1955 after James Dean sported the famous topper in the original iconic teen angst movie. “Rebel Without a Cause.”

Only in recent seasons, however, has a plus-size leather version in genuine suede and leather hit the streets. Here are our favorite picks!

Jeff Cafone All 67 Plus Size Mid Fit Leather Jacket
Jeff Cafone Mid-Crop Plus Size Leather Jacket at All67.com

All 67 have been creating a lot of buzz in recent months as they are a one stop shop for a premium motorcycle jacket in buttery leather. Priced at just under $500.00, the All 67 piece is a lot of change, but the details are from a much higher priced jacket.

And get this! Available up to size 26, this jacket isn’t just a one-season wonder. This jacket will accompany you for years. Pair it with a floral maxi for a mix of granny chic and fashion-forward. Or wear a turtleneck sweater and dove gray wool pants for a work-appropriate look.

This faux leather biker jacket is a must have this fall. Available up to size 26/28, this leather jacket is sure to turn heads, make a statement and keep you warm in style for fall. Pair your outerwear jam with a bold hue, like this piece.

It’s perfect for fall attire, from your jeans to the fanciest long fall dresses.

When I lived in Finland, really the only kick in the can when shopping and in a physical store was Zizzi. The best part about my local Zizzi was that they strategically placed their store next to a very popular donut stand. (In Finnish, we call donuts Munkkis). A shopping stop as far as I’m concerned.

This season, Zizzi jumped on the patent (fake) leather wagon with this offering. Patent leather has been accumulating little by little in recent seasons and it’s time to try it. Pair it with a chunky scarf in cooler weather and with a flirty romper, come the heat.

the leather skirt

There is something so boss about a leather skirt. Sure, a jacket is fun, but a skirt is undeniably feminine, and making it out of leather creates a fantastic juxtaposition.

This skirt is not for the faint of heart. With a front zip and lots of glitter, this garment is loaded with details and edges. Pair it with a mohair sweater to sweeten the look or tuck in a denim shirt for a masculine touch.

I love this faux fur skirt from Anthroplogie. He marries the demure nature of a knee-length skirt, but turns it upside down by making it out of leather. Wear it with ankle boots and a plush cardigan for warmth, or go Scandi with white leather sneakers and a plain white cotton T-shirt.

Looking for a fun silhouette for your plus size leather skirt needs? Well, calling all you sexy vegans out there, this faux fur mini skirt from River Island is one to add to your wardrobe, especially if you love showing off your legs! This luxurious plus size faux leather skirt is the epitome of modern style.

the leather pants

There’s no denying it…leather pants are both stylish and very warm. When I lived up north, and it was -30, I wore leather leggings, but I wore a kind of layered sandwich of pants to walk my Schnauzer.

Plus Size Faux Leather Joggers

The only rule I have about leather pants is to line them, preferably with a fabric that breathes, or you’ll have a rough time.

These Anthropologie Plus Size Leather Pants check all the boxes listed above as they’re lined and short; perfect for displaying a cute pair of shoes. Pair them with a optic white blouse, heels and pearl earrings for a rugged/corporate look. Or with a graphic tee and a denim jacket to make the look more accessible.

Attention: Do not use around cats. They could pierce leather with their pretty little fingernails.

If real leather pants seem like too much of a production for you, check out these beauties with glorious stretch. Featuring 5 neutral colors in deep earth tones, these Spanx faux leather leggings will elevate your stretch pant game.

Pair them with a knit cape for drama or an oversized ribbed sweater for comfort, these pants are not only versatile but belong in a woman-owned business!

The Sportsluxe trend is going nowhere as sneakers are becoming as ubiquitous as heels! Why not join in on the fun in these faux leather sweatpants? To avoid looking like you stepped out of the ’80s, don’t pair it with a matching track jacket and bluetooth headset.

Use your imagination to create endless possibilities! I’m thinking a floral blouse with a dark bow and heels might be an opportunity.

Honorable Mention- The Leather Dress

You have to have at least one leather or faux leather option for fall. Instead of the classic leather sheath, why not add some modern flare to your life with this plus size leather dress from Eloquii?

There you have it, my beauties!

Plus size leather and faux leather options for this fall/winter season. If you have any other fantastic finds you’d like to pass along, please leave a look in the comments below!


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