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Bosnian woman turns 100 by organizing her own art exhibition

Nada Rudan is at her most relaxed when she paints, a skill she discovered at the age of 87 and culminated this summer in an exhibition of her artwork to mark her centenary. Rudan, a Bosnian native, says she started painting late in life to keep herself busy and now she finds that the days are often too short for all she planned to do. Her daily routine is to paint for three hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, when she is at home.

Massachusetts woman accused of assaulting officers with a swarm of angry bees

A Massachusetts woman is accused of using a swarm of bees as a dangerous weapon, according to a county sheriff, after she allegedly unleashed a hive of angry insects on deputies trying to serve an eviction notice last week. The incident unfolded when Rorie Woods, a 55-year-old professional beekeeper, drove up to the Longmeadow home while deputies were in the process of enforcing the eviction notice, the sheriff’s department said in a statement Wednesday.

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