REVIEW: Preye – Don’t Look Down! EP


Rooted in R&B/Neo-Soul and Synth Pop, Preye’s project feels like a documentation of romantic love, but not always. Like a poet, Preye uses metaphor and symbolism to great effect in songs like ‘Love, Today’ and ‘Colo

Songs like ‘Red Wine’ and ‘Love, Today’ seem like a personal perspective on love, but they’re not exactly romantic on their own. While ‘Vino Rojo’ still passively implies romantic love, it places the self at the root and origin of all love. ‘Love, Today’ seems like an affirmation of love, through a very positive look. It’s just an uplifting song.

That perspective changes when Preye confesses that, “I love love/All this tough guy, bad boy, bad boy, lawyer/I’m not on the streets anymore…” in ‘DLD Interlude’.

She says something our generation needs to hear continually, “Allow yourself to be loved…” But like a cynic, this writer still wants to point the finger at Preye for trying to put herself out there for single people. Dear Preye, you are being vigorously misled. We know you are in love. Now can we hear the word? Thanks love.

‘Malibu’ follows a similar trope. This time, he documents the power of love, in stark and seemingly personal detail. The last two songs seem to be interrelated because ‘Crayons’ -not the MAVIN version – were made to ‘Color.’


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