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Ashton Golding will captain Jamaica on their World Cup debut

We take a look at the buzz and team news ahead of Sunday’s three group stage matches at the Rugby League World Cup…

Scotland facing the ‘unknown’ in the first game

Nathan Graham is preparing Scotland to step into the unknown when they take on Italy in their first Group B game at Newcastle’s Kingston Park (2:30pm CEST).

The teams have met before, with the Bravehearts triumphing 104-0 in their first meeting in 2009, but then drawing 30-30 with the Azzurri in the World Cup eight years ago.

The likes of NRL star and Italy captain Nathan Brown are familiar names, but it has been difficult for head coach Graham to see his opponents in action ahead of this match.

“The biggest threat is the unknown with Italy: They haven’t had a warm-up game that we’ve been able to get footage of,” Graham said. Sky sports news.

“Obviously we know some of their players…but we’re basing the game on our own performance. If we play the best we can, we’ll be right there competing for the win.”

This match already looks like a must-win for both teams if they are to have any hope of reaching the knockout stages, with games against defending champions Australia and three-time semi-finalists Fiji still to play.

“It’s a tough group, but a decent result for us would be to compete in every game,” Graham said.

“Running on that field and playing against these superstars, most of our players are part-timers, so it’s a huge accomplishment for them to be in a game like that.”


Scotland (from): Euan Aitken, Luke Bain, Logan Bayliss-Brow, James Bell, Ryan Brierley, Keiran Buchanan, Davey Dixon, Dale Ferguson (Captain), Calum Gahan, Bailey Hayward, Ben Hellewell, Liam Hood, Kane Linnett, Kyle Schneider, Jack Teanby, Lachlan Walmsley

Italy (from): Luke Polselli, Richard Lepori, Daniel Atkinson, Ethan Natoli, Jake Maizen, Jack Campagnolo, Radean Robinson, Anton Iaria, Dean Parata, Luca Moretti, Ryan King, Brenden Santi, Nathan Brown (Captain), Joey Tramontana, Gioele Celerino, Luke Hodge , Jack Colovatti, Kyle Pickering, Ronnie Palumbo.

Golding: Jamaica ‘not just a gimmick’

Ashton Golding and Jamaica are determined to prove themselves on the international stage as they prepare to make their highly anticipated World Cup debut.

The Reggae Warriors have qualified for the world meeting of rugby league for the first time, with the sport’s roots in the country stretching back nearly 20 years.

The Jamaican team is made up largely of heritage players, but there are also players from Jamaica’s national competition involved, and Huddersfield Giants star Golding spoke about what it means to have the opportunity to connect with his ancestry.

“I’ve been on this journey for five years and it has changed me as a person,” Golding said. “I discovered that there is so much more to me than this little boy who was born in Bramley in Leeds – there is another side to me and my family that I really wasn’t aware of.

“What we want to take away from this World Cup is the experience, but also the platform for the growth and development of the next generation.

“We want people to sit up and realize that Jamaica has a rugby league team, and we take that very seriously, we’re not just a gimmick.”

They open Group C with a match against Ireland at Headingley (5pm), with Wolfhounds head coach Ged Corcoran in no doubt about what he expects from his team at the World Cup.

“Quarterfinals, minimum,” Corcoran said. Sky sports news. “I feel like I have the team, a great package to get through the team and then the backbone to be able to play football.”

“It’s about making the game as simple as possible. The way we’ve trained so far, less has been more.”


Jamaica (from): Mo Agoro, Jorge Andrade, Chevaughan Bailey, Joe Brown, Ashton Golding, Bradley Ho, Greg Johnson, Ben Jones-Bishop, Aaron Jones-Bishop, Michael Lawrence, Abevia McDonald, Jacob Ogden, Ross Peltier, Kieran Rush, Andrew Simpson, Keenan Tomlinson, AJ Wallace, James Woodburn-Hall, Alex Young.

Ireland (from): Richie Myler, Ed Chamberlain, Toby King, Innes Senior, Luke Keary, Joe Keyes, Liam Byrne, Josh Cook, Jaimin Jolliffe, James Bentley, Frankie Halton, George King (Captain), James McDonnell, Harry Rushton, Brendan O’Hagan, Dan Norman, Louis Senior, Ronan Michael, James Hasson.

Bromwich: Kiwis have the team to win the World Cup

Jesse Bromwich is in no doubt that New Zealand are well positioned to challenge for the Paul Barriere Trophy at Old Trafford on 19 November.

The Kiwis’ only World Cup triumph came in 2008 when they beat hosts Australia in a thrilling final, and they come into this tournament having suffered a shock quarter-final elimination at the hands of Fiji four years ago.

New Zealand come to England as one of the favorites to go on and lift the trophy, and skipper Bromwich believes that status is justified.

“I just want to hurry up and play that first game because I think we have a really talented team,” Bromwich said. Sky sports news.

“We can do anything in this tournament, we just have to take care of ourselves and play good football.

“We have the team [to win the World Cup]. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think it’s a challenge that we’re up for.”

The Kiwis begin their World Cup campaign against Lebanon in Group C on Sunday night at Halliwell Jones Stadium (5pm), with the Cedars aiming to reach the knockout stages for the first time in 2017.


New Zealand (from): Joseph Manu, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, Peta Hiku, Jordan Rapana, Dylan Brown, Jahrome Hughes, Jesse Bromwich (captain), Brandon Smith, James Fisher-Harris, Isaiah Papali’I, Kenny Bromwich, Joseph Tapine, Kieran Foran , Moses Leota, Nelson Asofa-Solomona, Briton Nikora, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, Marata Niukore.

Lebanon (from): Jalal Bazzaz, Adam Doueihi, Hanna El-Nachar, Elie El-Zakhem, Kayne Kalache, Andrew Kazzi, Jacob Kiraz, Anthony Layoun, Josh Mansour, Josh Maree, Abbas Miski, Brandon Morkos, Mitch Moses (captain), Khalil Rahme, Jaxson Rahme, Reece Robinson, James Roumanos, Mikey Tannous, Charbel Tasipale.


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