Spotify’s African Heat playlist gets a catchy makeover


The playlist is an audience favorite and a one-stop destination for discovering the hottest new tracks on the continent.

Every Spotify playlist always starts with a spark. A memory, a place, a bridge song. This special playlist was created courtesy of the fans. The engine that drives every artist to stardom.

The patterns that emerged helped identify that African Heat listeners are more of a community. Regardless of your location; The United States, Nigeria, Kenya, the United Kingdom, were completely open to exploring the sounds of the continent.

Creating the playlist requires a deft hand and an eye for the new. It’s a good balance between discovery and popularity. A prediction of what might be of interest to listeners and what they already know and love. It’s a balancing act of using data to support the instincts of a seasoned music publisher.

The playlist features some hits that are currently enjoying massive airplay like ‘Yahuppiyah’ by Uncle Waffles and ‘People’ by libiancapresenting ayra starr and Oma Putand are a big part of singing and dancing challenges on social media by a global audience showcasing the ability of African music and musicians to overcome language barriers.

African Heat’s playlist is full of genres including Afrobeats, Amapiano, Afropop, some Hip Hop and Bongo Flava, and every one of them is fire. There also seems to be some new heat on the horizon.

To say that the African Heat playlist is popular with the public would be an understatement. The playlist has over a million followers and has amassed 500 million views. Everyone loves him. But the question is, who are certified fans of this playlist?

The most streamed songs are also no surprise, with upbeat and upbeat tracks getting the best picks. The most popular songs feature top artists like burna Boy either air Star.

african heat it is the best vehicle to transport your audience; globally and otherwise, to every part of Africa. And with publishers having their finger on the pulse of both what’s hot right now and new simmering hits, it might be wise to turn up the volume.


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